Hello. Farewell.

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This blog represents the cybernetic remains of Ben Nisetar, who has departed from the realms of the internet in order to pursue that elusive and legendary state of being known as a “real life.”


RAW Efforts Succeeded

•October 10, 2006 • Leave a Comment

On his blog yesterday, Doug Rushkoff let us know the good news-

Thanks to your spontaneous generosity, we raised over $80.000 on behalf of Robert Anton Wilson in less than a week. This means he can be taken care of by family at home or, if need be, in a managed care facility for over six months.

If at the end of six or eight months all of this money has been spent on care – and Bob has chosen to carry on living – we’ll see about what other financial solutions might be possible, including another plea to his reading public.

But for the time being, save your pennies and pence, give yourselves and each other a hearty “job well done,” and get back to the good work of helping people think smarter and act kinder.

All I can do is smile.

Robert Anton Wilson Update

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You may have noticed the new button in my navbar- if you don’t know what I’m talking about then please click on it (or click on the pic to the immediate left). I’m doing my bit to help support writer-philosopher-bard and pioneer of guerilla ontology- Robert Anton Wilson- in what could possibly be his last days on Earth. This man has given so much to so many people- I can’t even describe it- but I do know this: If I hadn’t read his books I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Speaking of today there’s a recent update at boingboing that includes a note from Bob and another from his daughter Christina. I’m thrilled to report that so far the collective internet fans of RAW have Paypal’d over $68 thousand to Bob, but WE AIN’T STOPPING! Click the button and send the ol’ wizard a few bucks. May I suggest $23? Continue reading ‘Robert Anton Wilson Update’

Ickie Likes It!

•September 30, 2006 • 2 Comments

Wouldn’t you know it- right in the middle of an unexpected flurry of work and bills- I got an unexpected flurry of web traffic. An email from Martin soon informed me of the cause- it seems David Icke has included a link to They-Live in his newsletter! (Yes that David Icke!) He included the picture of Bush through the “They-Live” glasses (scroll down til you see it) and he linked straight to my video for “We Are Not Alone”.

Well as you might expect… Since then I’ve had a rush of traffic and emails- as well as quite a few comments (mostly positive- thank you very much!) In one of these comments I was informed that Icke has seen the video personally. Seems he likes it! (I also learned that some people call him “Ickie”.) Continue reading ‘Ickie Likes It!’

Aleister Crowley, Superstar

•September 27, 2006 • 3 Comments

“In the beginning doth the Magus speak Truth, and send forth Illusion and Falsehood to enslave the soul. Yet therein is the Mystery of Redemption.” – Aleister Crowley, Liber B vel Magi

Aleister Crowley, a handsome young chess player nobody remembersAleister Crowley was the most famous magickal practitioner of modern times, and aside from Merlin himself, quite possibly of all time.  His name is known worldwide, his works have been published and continue to be republished decades after his death, and his fame places him far above and beyond any other candidate for the title (although “infamy” may be a better word, because when asked what they know about Crowley, the typical person’s response is practically guaranteed to include a negative moral judgment and no small amount of disdain).  The following article examines the reasons for this popular “blackwashing,” providing a counterpoint to the popular conception and a basis for further studies.

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Seeking the Truth about Truthseeker TV

•September 3, 2006 • 58 Comments

Truthseeker TV The Brandon Corey StoryAs I explained in the previous post August 27th was an interesting day. The press release about the alleged theft of the “Eye to the Sky” photos had struck a nerve- not just because it looked like a covert action waiting to be investigated- but because it rang a bell on other levels. The similarities between the two cases turned out to mostly nothing- but the timing of these events made me wonder whether I was looking at two datapoints in a larger structure.

The night before all the Thorney Croftery began, I received an email from a company called Truthseeker TV. I imagine many other webmasters received similar emails as well (if they happen to mention David Icke a lot on their websites). The reason? They wanted to know if I would be interested in advertising their new movie- a documentary in which Icke is featured.

Now personally I’m a little uncomfortable with the idea of selling advertising on my site- it raises all sorts of potential ethical/editorial questions I would rather simply avoid- so I politely turned them down. But I also contacted some friends and started doing a little research…

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What A Thorney Croft We Weave

•September 2, 2006 • 1 Comment

Thorneycroft UFOLet me back up to when this most recent line of questions began…

Last week, while doing research for my upcoming installment- “Conspiracy Theory Is Not A Thing”- I was working down several lines of research at once. What I was looking for were examples of various types of actions and events which are often considered to be “proof” of one or another conspiracy. Troll attacks, flip-flops, sudden silences, organized suppression/intimidation, suspicious suicides- things like that.

On August 27th I came across a press release from NewsWire Today which caught my attention. It was entitled “Strange Goings-on Follow Discussions About Potential UFO Evidence” and the summary read “Publisher and Author experience interference and other phenomena since discovering strange images in UFO footage related to new book.”

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