Secret World Government-Related Links

The following resources will provide you with a good background on the Secret World Government:

Global Research
Works to tie together all government actions and plans for suppression

New World Order
Tracing the concept to the ancient and the occult

Trilateral Commission
Hiding in plain sight!

Bilderberg – Secret World Government
Another group ‘hiding in plain sight.’

RFID nineteen eighty-four
Tracking everyone? Not impossible.

Skull and Bones
The Bushes and other US leaders have belonged

Bohemian Grove
Notoious “Summer camp” for US leaders

Bohemian Grove – order of death
video on the Grove activities



~ by theylive on January 1, 2006.

One Response to “Secret World Government-Related Links”

  1. THe Government is to scared to let the truth out about the alien & I’d welcome them as Guest to our world & and Government needs to keep there nose out of other people business & quit threaten individuals who know the truth about they alien being out there but are to damn scared to reveil the truth & it there stupidity that’s going to get us all killed mainly the president himself. Well I know there out there but this comment is mainly to the government if they want people to shut up pay us more damn money then you’ve been paying us citizen & quit sending all our money over sea to them yahoo’s. THAT ALL I have to say aboutr the government.

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