The Reptilians Are Among Us!

by Adam Zivojnovich

For Millennia, people have pondered the mysteries of the universe. Are we alone? Or is there something else out there? There have been countless effects by various groups to search the skies for intelligent life. Amateur footage, News reports, sci-fi original movies, and even massive radio receivers aimed up at the sky, ready to receive messages from space. But ultimately all efforts have been unsuccessful thus far.

Maybe we’ve just been looking in the wrong places. Should we really be looking skyward for the answers? Or could the answers be right in front of our noses, dwelling deep within the surface of the earth? I believe that it’s entirely possible that another form of intelligent life exists living on earth, unknown to us; the reptoid. After reading this, I hope that you too will also believe.

I have looked over the findings of various researchers in the field of Reptoid Research, and have done extensive investigation on my own to construct this exposé. I ask you to read this paper with an open-mind, and challenge some of the commonly held beliefs of society. My views and the views of other researchers in this field can be considered very controversial, and at times, conflicting. I will do my best to convince you that reptoids exist.

These sentient reptilian creatures are often referred to as Lizard-men, The Green Menace, or Kobolds. Not only do they exist, but are planning to take over our world, and are already well on there way to doing so, infiltrating even the highest ranks of our government.

I hope you will take my paper seriously, and not dismiss me as another crackpot conspiracy theorist as so many other brilliant men in my field have been. First off, in order to understand what a reptoid is, we must understand its origins. So I will offer you an abbreviated history of the reptoid.

According the theory of evolution, humans evolved from apes. But isn’t it possible that other creatures besides apes could have evolved into sentient creatures, such as reptiles? If this is the case it’s possible that at one point humans and reptoids could have coexisted. So what happened? Why have they seemingly disappeared? The answer is quite obvious.

During the prehistoric age the climate was such that the cold-blooded reptoids could have lived side-by-side with humans, but with the coming of the ice age, the reptoids, being cold-blooded, were forced to move underground towards the warmth of the earth’s core. The humans, who had no written language, could have simply forgotten about the reptoids, eventually disregarding them as an old legend. There are many alternate hypotheses regarding the origin of reptoids, but I find this one to be the most plausible.

So what exactly does a reptoid look like? The most common form of reptoid stands upright, 6-7 feet tall. There body is covered in billions of tiny scales. They have large black almond shaped eyes, and long tails. Their skin colors range from grey to green, to yellow (Perhaps leading to a kind of reptoid racism or segregation based on scale color, but this is mere conjecture.) This is the image most commonly associated with the reptoid, and represents the vast majority of the reptilian population.

There is another kind of reptoid, this one stands taller that the common reptoid by at least a foot in general and has wings. I tend to disagree with the majority of reptoid researchers about this species. The commonly held belief is that these winged reptoids serve as the leaders in reptoid society. But I tend to believe that, because of there wings, they served as scouts and emissaries, keeping tabs on the outside world. There are countless amounts of evidence to support this claim. Sightings of “Dragons” which could be attributed to winged-reptoids have been reported throughout the world during the middle ages. Obviously, modern reptoids have to be more cautious. So it’s quite possible that these winged reptoids have abandoned there roles as scouts and now serve as leaders in the reptoid community.

The third and most unusual form of Reptoid is the reptilian/grey hybrid. This is the result of the cross-breeding of reptoids and the gray aliens from beyond our galaxy. These creatures tend to be shorter than the common reptoid, with small bodies, larger heads, smoother skin, and smaller, or no tails at all.

There are many different theories on how reptoids and grey aliens could have come to co-exist; I will discuss these possibilities in detail later within this paper. How could an elaborate, advanced civilization exist under the surface of the earth without our knowledge? Surely there must be a link between the surface world and the underground world of the Reptilians. This is located in Antarctica. Reptoid researcher John Rhodes states that “Antarctica is the first land mass in history that all nations have agreed unanimously to keep neutral and free of claimed ownership.” This is an obvious example of pro-reptoid legislation put in place by government reptilian shape-shift plants in order to hide the truth. Area 51 is just a front, a mere red herring to distract the public from the real threat. The place we should really be searching is Antarctica. The reptoids, being the sentient, industrious creatures they are, have undoubtedly constructed massive cities deep within the earth.

There capital is believed to be located deep beneath the surface of Antarctica, allowing for the close regulation of those traveling to and from the surface world. Nobody knows how much of the inner-earth is filled with these reptilian cities. For all we know the entire inner-earth could be covered with reptilian cities, too far within the surface of the earth to be heard, or leave any evidence. Reptilians living under the earth could conceivably outnumber the humans living on the surface.

In the beginning of my paper I alluded to the fact that the reptoids have infiltrated our government as part of there master plan to rule humanity. As unusual as they look, it’s hard to imagine that a reptoid could infiltrate our government unnoticed. But there’s a logical answer to this. Even undeveloped reptiles such as chameleons have the ability to change colors. Reptoids, over possibly millions of years of evolution have refined this ability to a point where they can actually “shape-shift,” appearing to the naked eye to be completely human. This ability to shape-shift could be a clue to the mystery of the reptilian-gray hybrids. The ability to shape-shift would be invaluable to the grays in there conjoined effort with the reptilians to slowly conquer earth, and could be the reasoning behind the breeding program.

There has always been a high concentration of UFO sightings in and around Antarctica, which could be attributed to this alliance. There have been many reports of reptoids having sex with humans, both male and female either by force, or voluntarily. This is most likely part of a plot by the reptoids to make more effective human shape-shifters to infiltrate our government.

An expert in the field of reptoid research, such as myself would be able to spot the tell-tale signs of a reptilian shape-shifter. I can say without a doubt that none of the girls that I’ve dated have been reptilian shape-shifters (Although the prospect of dating a reptilian isn’t necessarily entirely unappealing.) Upon the scrutiny of intimate examination I have discovered them to be quite human. But a reptilian-human-hybrid-shape-shifter would be much harder to detect. Perhaps even beyond my expertise. I can only hope that I haven’t been exposed to such a creature thus far. The last thing I want is my DNA stolen and used to further the reptilian agenda of world domination. A mind such as mind would be a powerful weapon against humanity.

Here is an actual account from a victim of Reptoid rape. Pamela’s Reptoid had luminous amber-colored eyes like a cat’s and skin that was charcoal, green and grey in color. His massive chest sported a breast plate, much like that worn by Roman soldiers. He had sharp claws on his four fingers. When he would appear in the room, the air would thicken; Pamela would hear a high-pitched sound in her ears as well as buzzing and clicking. In seconds, she found it difficult to breath. Her chest would feel as if it were crushed. She was paralyzed and immobilized and the Reptoid would literally flip her on her stomach. Then he would proceed with a type of tantric sexual intercourse that would leave her absolutely exhausted. She never feared him. She sensed he was extremely powerful and very aggressive as if a member of a warrior caste. She even felt protected by him. She could not smell the Reptoid. Grays were different. She could smell them. They had the smell of decaying bodies, putrid.

The Reptilian plan for takeover is not a recent phenomenon. Many sources in the field of reptoid research claim that during the 1940s Adolf Hitler was in league with the reptoids. He believed that during his military campaign the reptilians would rise up and aid him in his efforts. This is the first really obvious example of an actively aggressive plot by the reptoids to take over the world. The Nazis were highly secretive and there’s no clear documentation on how many Nazi generals were actually reptilian shape-shifters.

I myself believe that Hitler was himself a renegade reptoid, who was tired to the slow, passive take-over and wanted to speed things up. He started a campaign on the surface world with his followers to take over through military force. He expected that more reptilians would aid him as he began his campaign. Fortunately for the human race, the leadership of the underground reptilian government did not approve of this kind of extreme military action and sent reptoid convert-ops to the surface to retrieve Hitler and return him to the underground world to be put before a military tribunal and imprisoned or executed. This is probably the most likely scenario.

More importantly, the vast majority of our own U.S. Government is now being controlled by the reptoids. According to reptoid researchers at The Watcher Files .George Bush Senior and Junior are both reptilian shape-shifters, along with Richard Cheney, Al Gore, and Colin Powell. It’s not just the people in the highest ranks, at least six people in President Bush’s Cabinet and four of his advisors are reptilians, Alien controlled, or reptilian/alien influenced, Along with 37 senators in the 107th Congress, and at least 61 of the members of the House of Representatives. Including Gary Condit, who had his human wife murdered after she learned the truth about him, and his secret reptilian plot for world domination.

Along with the actual Reptilians and Aliens, many human officials have fallen away from our side and joined the ranks of the reptoids through ancient blood rituals, and cult sacrifices. The most powerful (but certainly not the only) organization of human reptilian supporters is known as the “Knights of The Templar” or the “Masonic,” and is thinly veiled as a Christian organization. With this kind of power in our government the reptoids hold a lot of political power in the world.

Throughout the 90s and into the early years of the millennium the main headquarters for reptilian world-domination operations on the surface world was located in New York City, in the World Trade Center. It’s unclear whether the various bombing attempts and its eventual destruction of the building on September 11th can be attributed to anti-reptilian groups, although this is very likely. There is a lot of conflicting theories about this. One theory is that Osama Bin Laden discovered the plot of the reptoids, and knowing that open acknowledgment of the reptilian plot would be dismissed by his followers he created an elaborate lie to conceal his motive as an attack based on religious grounds. This, while plausible, isn’t the theory I agree with. Osama Bin Laden most likely didn’t just stumble upon this information. I believe that Bin Laden is actually a reptilian rebel, opposed to the take-over of the surface world. I suspect that the entire Bin Laden family are high-ranking reptoids, but there motives seem to be very unclear at the moment.

It’s not just in America. Queen Elizabeth and her four sons, including Prince Charles and Prince Andrew are all reptoids. Who knows how many countries are still under human control, maybe none of them are. Researchers have only scratched the tip of the iceberg. The reptoids might have already won there secret war against us, without anyone even knowing. The human race will never know for sure until the Reptoid “Rapture” that was mentioned in the Bible (which was also written by reptoids.) when all of the humans who are really reptilian shape-shifters “disappear” and reveal themselves to be reptoids. At that point the human race’s military will be completely reptilian controlled and the human race will most likely be forced into enslavement or exterminated entirely.

The Reptilians must be stopped at all costs. Lock your doors; board up your windows. The end is near. You cannot trust anyone. Your friends, your family, they could all be Reptoids. The only way the human race can stop the reptilians is by exposing there plot.

Copy this paper and distribute it to everyone you possibly can. Print copies and leave them everywhere, hand them out to everyone you know, send e-mails. Do whatever you can to spread the truth before it’s too late. This will undoubtedly put your life at danger, but it’s far better to die knowing the truth then to live in ignorance. Band together with your human friends and start a Reptoid resistance group. There is strength in numbers and you will need to be well armed to defeat the reptilian death squads.

Remember, these reptilian death-squads are often composed of shape-shifters posing as City Workers or Jehovah’s Witnesses’. Most of the work in the field of reptoid research has been widely discredited. This is because of the vast amount of political power the reptoids hold in the world. If any researcher gets too close to the truth, the reptilian hierarchy sends assassins in to kill them, and replace them with reptilian shape-shifters who discredit there work.

It is likely that I will become of victim of the reptilian assassins after I begin to widely distribute this paper. I suspect some people who are very close to me, or I should say, who were very close to me have already been killed and replaced by reptilian shape-shifters to monitor my actions. It’s only a matter of time before they discover my plan to expose them.

If this paper is edited in any way after its initial release, or I personally discredit it. Don’t believe anything I say. It won’t be me talking. It will be the reptilian shape-shifter who has killed me and taken my place. If my research can some how help to save the human race, my death shall not be in vain. I can only give you my word that I’m still human now while I write this paper.

God help us all.


~ by theylive on March 30, 2006.

4 Responses to “The Reptilians Are Among Us!”

  1. i think the idea of shape shifting is stupid. i think every shape shifter should go beack to where they came from. and godzilla should join them. maybe even the big foot to they would need a snack. and you for desert.
    get a life!!!!!

  2. Your Both Reptoids!!!!! your running a counter survailence, reverse psychology operation, I’m gono report u to your boss GW BUSH and homeland security!!!!!!!!!

  3. Linked

    I will study and get ready, and perhaps my chance will come

  4. Check out this Lizards song here –
    Its great!!!!! Total genius!!!
    Its by a guy called Sean Manz, check out his myspace here

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