The Alien Issue

There are very few explanations for the disconnect that exists today between the obvious goals of the US and UK governments and the people they supposedly ‘represent.’

How creating World War III accomplishes the goal of controlling/suppressing the leadership of Jihadists is unclear. Well, more than unclear, it seems the methodology of attacking a secular middle eastern state in order to convert it to an Islamic republic is completely counter to the stated goal of “regional stabilization.” Instead the tactics virtually ensure a state of perpetual war.

Who benefits from perpetual war? The ruling class does. The ruling class includes politicians who have virtually assured control in perpetuity by becoming “war rulers” and seeding terror in the population. It includes media moguls who profit from the public’s insatiable need for scary news and meaningless diversion. It includes the owners of pro sports teams who create micorocosms of patriotism, loyalty, conflict and resolution for the public to consume mindlessly as a substitute for meaningful interaction with government. It includes what President Eisenhower once referred to as the “Military Industrial Complex” — an entity comprised of Generals, Admirals, defense contractors, lobbyists and the politicians they own.

Their hunger seems insatiable, and their heartlessness is legendary.

Are they even human at all?  How could they be?

Are parts of our society controlled by alien entities?



~ by theylive on May 14, 2006.

One Response to “The Alien Issue”

  1. Well…
    If anything- it works as a metaphor.

    I’m not too sure that people can shape-shift into reptoid aliens…but they sure are making it easyfor us to see how utterly careless they are of the humans occupying the Planet.

    They act like they, themselves are of a different race -a different tribe- so therefore readily seen as inhuman, unfeeling, cold-blooded assholes.

    They seem to think that they can drill holes in the boat we are all in together…but their end of the boat won’t be sinking.

    Come to think of it…they do act as if they have a way off this big, fucked up water ball we happen to call Earth.

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