Where there’s smoke… there’s fire

It has long been speculated that there is an elite group that controls the development of human events. Call them the Trilateral Commission, Biilderbergers, Illuminati, or whatever. Let’s just call them the Secret World Government.

Is it possible that this Secret World Government is not made up of humans? Is it really that farfetched to believe that we have had a veil pulled over our eyes?

The topic of alien infiltration and control — the very real side of the “They Live” story — is coming out through the power of the Internet. It’s no wonder there are so many political maneuvers to restrict content and access to the Internet by politicians. Are these politicians hiding an ancient secret?

Is there more danger for them as The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons become the subject of mainstream discussion? Is the world awakening to the very real stories of ancient secrets, secret societies and manipulation of beliefs?

Will aliens be forced out into the open because of their own complacency — their disdain and disgust with humans? Look at Dick Cheney as an example. No national political figure since Nixon has had such obvious contempt for the press — the only potential ally of an informed populace.

The super-cynical would also suggest that as non-humans, world leaders get some sort of pleasure (or energy) from watching humans tear each other apart.

Another way of looking at it is that the most dangerous segment of society — young males from the lower classes — can be killed or wounded and removed as a potential threat to the established powers.

Finally, maybe there is a sort of living, breathing game of “Risk” going on here with the Masters manipulating people around the playing field like pawns.

As Orwell suggested, maintaining a perpetual war is the best way to control a population.

But at a minimum, there are world leaders who profit from war. From “allied leaders” who trade the lives of their soldiers for dollars or economic advantages to the defense industry contractors who reap billions when nations go to war. The example of Dick Cheney, still on the payroll of Halliburton in 2003, accumulating a net worth of $94,000,000 on the blood of Americans and the blood of the earth (oil) is key. The evidence of the Bush family’s long and deep ties with the Saudi royal family is also well documented and helps explain why the country of zero 9/11 hijackers was attacked and Saudi Arabia — home to 15 hijackers and the funding source for al Quaeda — was not. Or maybe it’s that Saddam was a human who had outlived his usefulness.



~ by theylive on June 23, 2006.

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