Semantic Diffusion?

Thought for the day: Have they created an uproar about “illegal aliens” to diffuse the “A-word” and keep us from even thinking about EXTRATERRESTRIAL ALIENS?  You know, similar to the way they diffuse (de-fuse?) every counter-culture movement that comes along by turning its rebellious neologisms into marketing material?

This is a subtle semantic (or semiotic) observation, I agree.  But I believe such linguistic psy-ops might easily be performed, and at least for experimental purposes, are probably all around us.  If you pull the strings on the media, you might as well play with your puppets, and somewhere a neocon social scientist looking for a federal grant has a brilliant but subtle idea… 

“Let’s fund that guy,” you say.  You say it a thousand times a year, about a thousand different vivisectionists, necrophiles, murderers, extortionists, poisoners, and weather-tweakers, what’s one more well-funded mad scientist?  Allocating the distribution of stolen human labor storage units, after all, is your function in the heirarchy.



~ by theylive on July 2, 2006.

3 Responses to “Semantic Diffusion?”

  1. Yeah…

    Here is one example:
    I used to think..
    “Hey, let’s fund Michael Moore. He’s speading the word about the Bush dynasty…. good for him”

    But uh huh..
    It looks like he’s just a puppet for the neocons… by perpetuating the same story we all know by heart.

    Bush is a fucking idiot, so therefore he was just being incompetent as all those people perished on 9/11.

    No no, it wasn’t his fault..
    It’s hitting below the belt saying a “retard” is to blame.

    What happened to Moore after he reminded us what a moron is running the show?
    Did he complete the movies he said were in the works?

    I dunno…
    The puppets are everywhere and we are funding them happily… without even realizing what/who we are handing our dollar over to.

  2. Every beginner magician understands the value of misdirection.

    Karl Rove can pull an election out of a hat like nobody in hisotry.

    Problems with your overly-intrusive government program? Create an uproar over its exposure (despite the fact it was already exposed, and pretty much in the open).

    Leadership problems? Make illegal aliens an *imminent threat.* Heck, ti worked with a third world dictator a few years back.

    Yes, misdirection and disinformation are the order of the day. And those who only get the Corporate News will never even suspect…

  3. cheney = ventriloquist
    bush = dummy
    rove = script writer and executive ball-squeezer

    so micheal moore is a bad guy now? how did that happen? i missed a meeting or something?

    bush is like caligula’s retarded cousin. claudius. there’s a book called ‘i claudius’ that tells his story, after the senate murdered caligula they put claudius on the throne. he was actually beloved by a lot of the populace and enjoyed his job, meanwhile the people who killed caligula (not that he didn’t deserve it) were free to run the empire without interference from the throne. see? everybody happy.

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