Chemtrails as a Tripwire System

Let’s shift gears for a minute and talk about chemtrails- those long lingering lines of who-knows-what in the sky that government won’t tell us about. There are those who believe that chemtrails are signals- easily seen from the upper atmosphere upon planetary approach- allowing our spacebrothers to locate landing positions, population centers, etc. These theories don’t hold much water for a number of reasons, most significantly the fact that they do not possess enough permanence or regularity to constitute a meaningful symbol set- in other words you usually do not see the same patterns over and over again. Chemtrail patterns are far less symbolic than crop circles, and of course they’re totally useless compared to obvious landing signals such as those found at Nazca.

But there are other people- a greater number by far- who believe the chemtrails are somehow of use in a defensive capacity- i.e., protecting us from extraterrestrial forces. What type of forces would those be? The typical answer would be radiation from the sun. But what about biological forces? Fungus from outer space? Interstellar craft? See where I’m going with this?

A brief but interesting article appeared in the India Daily several days ago, stating that if you wanted to detect the type IV extraterrestrial UFOs, you should look for geomagnetic activity and mesosphere/lower thermosphere winds. The article goes on to say that “the time and scale size of planetary wave signatures (PWS) in the mid latitude F region ionosphere of the Northern Hemisphere and the main pattern of their possible sources of origin provides the ideal clue.”

This makes good sense, and could support either the dimensional vortex theories or the trans-atmospheric craft theories. And it’s nice whenever those two groups can get on the same page. But it’s the last item that caught my eye: the article concludes by saying “Air Force and Space Agencies all over the world use these means to track, monitor and learn from these UFOs.”

Those UFOs- whomever they are tracking- wouldn’t be anybody we’ve got an agreement with. Otherwise we wouldn’t need atmospheric technology to track them- we would already know what they were doing! In other words this monitoring of the skies must be for antagonistic craft- or entities the world’s governments aren’t familiar with yet.

Now then- Chemtrails are certainly in use “around the world” as they are reported to be occurring in all NATO countries. Are chemtrails linked to some sort of UFO monitoring system?

We have all (probably, by now) seen the ripple-like distruptions caused in the chemtrails by what we assumed to be the HAARP transmitter. But is that what’s really causing the ripples? Could the chemtrails be part of a “tripwire” system designed to indicate the presence of spacecraft or interdimensional atmospheric activity?


~ by theylive on July 18, 2006.

One Response to “Chemtrails as a Tripwire System”

  1. I might be able to buy the alien spaceship idea. MAYBE. But I am concerned that chemtrails are something a little more earthbound and directly conspiratorial. And I mean a conspiracy of HUMANS, not humans and aliens. The fascist conspiracy thatruns this government and all the major governments as well as all the globalist imperialist corporations is responsible for every act of purposeful poisoning imaginable, from our food to our water to our media to our childrens minds and now they are poisoning our air. The goal is to kill 75% of the planet so that the remaining population might be able to survive adn they are doing it by gradually increasing the toxicity of the world in every conceivable way.

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