Video Gallery – UFO Sightings

This page includes a collection of the most interesting video segments at YouTube dealing with the subjects of UFOs and close encounters. Actually- as you will see when you get there- there’s lots of video at YouTube about these topics. Unfortunately, the vast majority of it is either low-rent cheeseball films with amateur special effects. or high-rent cheeseball cable TV shows with mediocre special effects. Seems for the really high-quality fakery like the Apollo Moon Landing Hoax, you have to go to the US Government.

[Videos courtesy of YouTube]


~ by theylive on July 21, 2006.

One Response to “Video Gallery – UFO Sightings”

  1. This theory of McKenna about shroom spores coming from outer space, is a modified version of the patriarchal-mystical one that shrooms came from their Sun God, Thunder god—ie from ‘above’. it is like there is a fear of understanding that they come from BOTH Earth and above. are you with me?—-many people imagine McKenna was completely with Mother Earth and all that, but i can see in his writings traces of mysticism which brings with it a psychological split between ‘spirit’ and ‘matter’

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