David Icke: The Lizards and The Jews

As regular readers are aware- David Icke is the main public advocate of the Reptilian Shapeshifter Theory on the secret nature of the Illuminati. He has come under attack on numerous occassions by the Anti-Defamation League- who claim that when he says “shape-shifting reptiles” he really means “Jews.”

Recently I found a few episodes of the superlative documentary series The Secret Rulers of the World– narrated by British journalist Jon Ronson– while browsing around Google Video. This is a great series and I recommend it highly. This particular portion was also partly the basis for Ronson’s book Them: Adventures With Extremists, an excerpt of which can be read here. Ronson is a top class documentarian and a totally unbiased observer- you’ll see what I mean when you watch events unfold on both sides of the battle in this episode- David Icke: The Lizards and The Jews

This is a tough spot to be in- getting branded with the “anti-semite” label is like having a bullseye drawn in the center of your forehead with an indelible hot-pink flourescent marker. It’s the sticky semiotic slime of choice these days for those who make their living smearing people- seems they finally found something that outperforms “pedophile.”

Intentionally or not, of course, the label works as a “tar baby.” The more Icke insists he actually does mean shape-shifting reptiles- the more certain it seems to some people that he must be speaking in code for something else. Ronson points this out to an exasperated Icke in one scene- saying “When you say ‘This is NOT a Jewish plot,’ some people think that’s a metaphor for you saying ‘Its a Jewish plot.'” Icke blinks, stunned. He is uncharacteristically silent for about two seconds. There is nothing he can say to get out of this. Regaining his composure he does his best: “Are you gonna laugh first, or me?” he asks- “Who’s disappearing up their ass, me or you?”

But is the ADL the original source of Icke’s troubles, or just an unwitting tool of more adept manipulators of meaning?

For several years prior, Icke traveled around the world displaying his findings on the NWO and exposing the hidden meanings of the masonic imagery all around us (you can find videos of most of these lectures on YouTube or Google Video). In 1999 he released “The Biggest Secret,” an anti-NWO screed that was tremendously popular throughout the world, his best-selling book to date, and arguably his best work. Chapter Two of that book- in which he laid out the reptilian theory for the first time in print- was entitled “Don’t Mention the Reptiles.”

If Icke was speaking in code for anything at the moment he wrote that title, perhaps it should have been “Don’t Mention the Rothschilds!”


~ by theylive on July 26, 2006.

6 Responses to “David Icke: The Lizards and The Jews”

  1. Of course he is an anti-semite.

    Do you really think that some Jews are Lizards?

    Do you believe that Blacks are actually Monkeys?

    Check please!

  2. Ya see kids- this is what happens when you raise your hand in class without having done the homework.

  3. hi david i m a big fan of you you should come to holland and enlighten the dutch people they are realy ignorant you should talk about a way of activly doing something about those who try to rule iv read alot about you and others on http://www.niburu.nl i think t would be realy cool if i could get in contact with you and maybe work with you im a young guy searhing for the truth peace to all Hazrad

  4. does he sound crazy? yes, but really no more crazy than mankind walking on the moon; and no one says sh!t about that…

  5. Nice blog

  6. i have seen shape shifting and i can tell you its for real make no mistake abnout .when they change they change very quickly.its like david says its the transformation of the molecular structure its in their dna its the way they`ve been genetically engineered. so dont scoff at it until you`ve seen it for youself.

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