Extraterrestrial Profiles

Ever wonder how many different types of aliens have visited Earth? Wonder no longer, the answer is here. The following list of all known extraterrestrial lifeforms was compiled by Mark Kimmel, author of Trillion, Decimal, and his latest work, Creating the Cosmic Paradigm.

Kimmel’s background follows an interesting parallel to David Icke’s- he spent the first part of his life as a “venture capitalist”- playing corporate ball without realizing any larger truths about the nature of life on Earth. But in 1987- according to his own accounts- Kimmel was pulled “kicking and screaming into a full knowledge of the bigger picture.” Since then he has been researching the history of human-extraterrestrial contact with an eye toward discovering the spiritual component of this larger truth. His stated goal is “to help people understand how they can participate in the transformation of our planet.”

Extraterrestrial Profiles

We, the humans of this planet, are surrounded by a rich and varied collection of extraterrestrial beings. Some are somewhat similar to us, others not. The following profiles but scratch the surface to understanding the many visible and invisible personalities that inhabit the universe, and reside on or visit our planet.

EXTRATERRESTRIAL: Intelligent-Free Choice Beings not born on planet Earth. May be either material or spiritual entities. 

A. Extraterrestrial Material Personalities: 

Mortals with material bodies.

1. Descriptions of Extraterrestrials, as Compiled by the International UFO Museum & Research Center.

  • Flatwoods Monster — green, 10 feet tall, human-like shape, pointed hood 
  • Jersey Devil — camel shaped face, wings, long rear legs and tail 
  • Mothman — large hairy moth-shaped, red eyes, long hairy torso 
  • La Chupacabra — thin body, 3 digit hands, large almond eyes, pointed ears 
  • Goblin Creature — short, brown, strong upper body, swine face, side eyes 
  • Humanoid Type I — tall, human shaped, glowing green clothing 
  • Entity Type II — 3 ft. tall, bald head with antenna, pointed ears, bug eyes Entity Type III — 3 ft. tall, circular bald head, yellow side visioned eyes 
  • Reptilian — grotesque, 6-8 ft. tall, human/snake face, cat eyes with gold irises, human shape with scales, large claws, intrusive, forceful 
  • Humanoid Type II — 7-8 ft. tall, translucent complexion, gold cat eyes 
  • Humanoid Type III — hairless, human face, lipless mouth, spiral ears 
  • Humanoid Type IV — bald skin, small eyes, nose blends into cheeks 
  • Typical Grey I — large forehead with indentation, feline eyes, pointed chin, no top lip, protruding lower lip, no ears, slight body 
  • Grey II — various shapes to heads, thin necks, slight bodies, 3-4 ft. tall, grey 
  • Hairy Entity — covered with dread locks, cauliflower ears, bulbous nose 
  • Tall Greys — thin face, hooked nose, slanted eyes, long legs and arms 
  • Mummy Entity — human shaped, covered with wrappings, slit mouth 
  • Sasquatch — Gorilla body, hairy, human nose, human mouth with fangs Puffed-Entities — 31/2 ft. tall, egg shaped head, ballooning chest, slim body 
  • Big Giant of a Man — long hair and beard, pointed swine ears, human eyes 
  • Gulf Breeze Entity — grey in full armor 
  • Lizard Entity — long body with antennae, small head, short arms and legs 
  • Humanoids I — male and female in space suits 
  • Humanoids II — male and female look same as earthlings. Male: muscled, tanned, brown eyes, no facial hair, handsome. Female: young, good figure, pretty face, brown hair and eyes.
  • Humanoid III — female with almond eyes, rose bud mouth, pert nose, high cheekbones, long wavy hair, exotic look. 
  • Abductive Entities — grey body, large head, pointed chin, strobing eyes Penguin Entity — penguin shape, pointed chin, small bodied, thin arms and legs

2. Names for Extraterrestrials from the nearby star systems. Compiled from a number of sources.
These labels are fluid. They are more indicative of origins than precise attempts to categorize species. Each group has reportedly influenced human development on Earth with its own characteristics. 

  • PLEIADIANS — closely resemble Caucasian Earth-humans, average height taller, live longer. Strong, peaceful allies. Along with Lyrans and Altarians are members of Federation. Reportedly responsible for ancient genetic modifications and for Atlantis. Contact with Billy Meier and others.
  • SIRIANS — humanlike, but darker complexions. Reportedly responsible for Lemuria. Connection to dolphins and whales. Technologically advanced. Peaceful members of the Federation. Contact with Dogen, African culture.
  • ACTURIANS — Generally non-physical, but may appear human. Among most spiritually advanced members of Federation. Connections to sages and healers on Earth.
  • ZETA RETICULIANS — From destroyed planet, Apex. Taller than archetypal greys, smooth skin, almond eyes, and larger heads. Operate according to a group consciousness. Implicated in genetic experimentation and cross breeding with humans. Not to be confused with smaller greys who tend to be more positive toward Earth-humans.
  • DRACONIANS — Reptilian in appearance. A history of conquest. Reportedly occupied Earth in distant past. Implicated with shadow government. Thrive on negative human emotions and set about to create such situations. Can morph into human physical form. On other star systems have joined Federation.

3. Categorization of Mortals Dwelling on the 4 Million Planets of the Local Universe. As presented in the Urantia Book:

All intelligent-free choice mortals are erect bipeds. All have nervous system, but may be one, two, or three brained. Life span varies from twenty-five years to five hundred or more. Male and female are equal in mind endowment and spiritual status. All have social cultures. Agriculture is universal on all atmospheric worlds.

  • Atmospheric: 97% of extraterrestrials are air breathers. Different types have been adapted to breath a wide variety of atmospheres. The atmosphere on Earth is almost ideal for the support of air breathers.
  • Elemental: May inhabit air, water, or land. Some negotiate the atmosphere of their home planet. 
  • Gravity: Planetary types vary in height with the gravity of their home planet. Vary from two and one half to ten feet. 
  • Temperature: Material beings reside on planets with much higher and much lower temperatures than that of Earth.
  • Electric: There are ten designs fashioned to function with the different energy and chemical compositions of the spheres. Earth type humans are the most common.
  • Energizing: Six different types of metabolisms. Some material beings effect their life-process exchanges by means of light-energy alone.
  • Nonbreathers: Do not eat food or drink water. Nervous system, heat-regulating mechanism, procreation, and metabolism are radically different from air breathers.

B. Extraterrestrial Spirit Personalities:

Celestial beings without material bodies, but possessing distinct personalities. These non-human conscious life forms are some of the members of the vast SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY which supervises all material worlds. (Does not include the Creator, Source, or God. From a variety of sources, including the Urantia Book.) For more information see Trillion by Mark Kimmel. 

  • Melchizedeks: The highest order of free choice celestials. Function as intermediaries between divine personalities and lower level beings, including mortals. Wide range of activities, including teachers and ministers to material worlds. Have materialized on Earth. 
  • Vorondadeks: Rulers of local sections of the universe, ambassadors to other universes, and judicial functions. Lanonandeks: Executives of the local universe, rulers of individual planets and systems of planets. 
  • Life Carriers: Carriers, disseminators, and guardians of life on the evolutionary worlds of time and space. Able to manifest in material form. 
  • Archangels: Dedicated to the furtherance of the ascending careers of the mortals of time and space. Found principally on the Between worlds. 
  • Seraphim: Just a trifle ahead of mortals in nature and personality endowment. Primary connection with Earth mortals after death. May act as guardian angels to humans. 
  • Cherubim and Sanobim: Spirit workers on all individual worlds. Most efficient in the borderland work of the physical and spiritual domains. Act as guardian angels to humans.

Complied by Mark Kimmel
I believe the foregoing information to have been accurately transcribed without my personal prejudices. However, such a complex area is prone to subjective interpretations. I apologize in advance to any extraterrestrial personalities I may have offended. To comment on this FREE Report send an email to cp@zqyx.org

P.S. Despite some evidence and testimony to the contrary, I will continue to insist that the universe is peaceful, benign, and organized by higher powers. I think our own fears, and the operatives of the covert community, combine to manufacture much of what is generally viewed as “evil aliens.”


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3 Responses to “Extraterrestrial Profiles”

  1. In the interest of full disclosure- there is a possible link from Mark Kimmel to the Church of Scientology, although it appears from this report that he only completed the “Personal Efficiency Course.”

  2. Marvelous. Thanks, will spread this among my friends!

  3. I think it would be irresponsible to jump on this link between Mark Kimmel and Scientology. Much of what he says does not fit with the established views of Scientology. If ‘Personal Efficiency’ suggests more, I hope I never become efficient. This said, it would be equally irresponsible to believe everything on this page without personal research and thought. Peace and Love to all.

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