Icke Returns to Wogan

Forgive me for being out of the loop, but Britain is a continent and an ocean away from me, and as a result I sometimes miss Wogan.

However- thanks to the miracle of online digital media- I just got to see a January episode of his “Now and Then” series to which David Icke returned as a guest after 15 years. You may remember that it was on that show- by host Terry Wogan’s own wry witted tongue- that the transformation of David Icke from famous sportscaster to laughing stock was locked in, when Wogan told Icke point-blankly that the audience was laughing at him, not with him.

Looking at videos of that episode I think Icke handled it well on the surface. Still, in later interviews and appearances he would often return to that appearance as a seriously pivotal moment in his life- and not a positive one- bringing about a horrifyingly fast plummet from the heights to the depths of public opinion.

But that was then, and this is now.

David Icke returned to Wogan looking older, heavier, and quite possibly unwell- I am a bit concerned for his health. But mentally and verbally he was in excellent form. He trashes the official story of 9/11 and the Iraq war, ridicules Bush, exposes the PNAC, and distills the dynamics and history of secret societies into a few minutes of charismatic oratory. Icke seizes full advantage and scores points- like a soccer player with a great instinct- on every question or argument raised by Wogan (who by the way- looks a lot healthier than Icke does). Several times the audience bursts out into spontaneous applause.

But the best moment comes at the end of the interview, when Icke gets a chance to turn the tables on Terry- and does so in a terrific way that not only puts the interviewer in his place but also trashes his ridiculous notion that modern America is an “open society.” Still sarcastic but losing ground, Wogan admits naivety on the subject. The audience snickers. Terry then attempts to subtly patronize Icke for his position, but David deflects that as a “cheap jibe” and asserts that he is merely trying to relay the information he has learned from speaking with large numbers of people- people who are the victims of the crimes he describes. Terry tries again- “But you see how preposterous it is…”

The goal is wide open and Icke has the ball.

“What, that you think America is an open society?” Icke responds, setting up the kick, “Absolutely ludicrous, Terry. I’ve never heard anything so stupid in my life!”

The game is over. Icke has scored the winning point. The audience roars. And this time, they’re laughing WITH him.


~ by theylive on July 31, 2006.

8 Responses to “Icke Returns to Wogan”

  1. It’s great to see Icke finally playing Wogan’s game back at him. Maybe now he knows what he did in the first place to Icke was wrong.

  2. I’m glad for the absolute show of karmic resolution with this article and video.
    David Icke has been largely focused as a radical, who was long ago exiled to the outskirts of celebrity, in the land where people are known for their alleged crimes. This happened such a long time ago that very few of us actually recall what this man’s message really was in the first place. In similarity to a story being told so many times over that it shapes itself into something completely different from it’s original prototype, Icke has been wrongly perceived.
    One man’s one opinion can be diminished in quality so greatly by those who are simply ignorant to that which differentiates from their viewpoint.
    Wogan was a playground faultfinder, who listened to Icke’s speech just long enough to nit-pick it into the ground, a true journalist with an agenda to relate to society’s fear of peculiarity. Fortunately for Icke, this may have been the first round of many battles that he will win in order to regain public status.

  3. Wow, I’d definitely have to say he knows how to shut someone out. Then again after 15 years of ridicule he’d have it down to a pretty good art I’d imagine. It’s great how he can take such a public icon like that in Britain who thought he had the upper hand and wanted to ridicule him more, and give him all this information that is logical, and get the people on his side, and completely turn it all against him. By the end of that interview Wogan looked mighty angry that he was shut out so badly by the truth. It looks like that plan to keep people in the dark failed, miserably. I’d have to say the only way that could get more entertaining is if it was on Jerry Springer and Wogan took a swing at him, because even though David might be looking in poor health, Wogan’s looks like he’s in worse. I’d say it also looks like Wogan’s wearing a bit of a wig. Just thought I’d mention it. Anyway, it’s great that David is finally getting people to wake up about these things.

  4. I do think Wogan was setting up to bash David a little bit more- but in a subtle way- so as to not seem to be doing just that. However he did seem at least partly sincere when he talked about how it bothers him to this day (the way he spoke to Icke in that early appearance). Was he perhaps “incentivized” to do it, although it wasn’t anything personal? That’s sort of the reading I get from his attitude. One thing is for sure- the timing of the punchline couldn’t have been better on David’s part. Terry had to cut to a commercial and David’s response (along with the audience response) took up just enough time so that all Terry could really do is take the hit, chuckle and do his little outro.

    Did you notice when the camera pulled back the two men shook hands? I really do think Wogan is rather a good sport. It’s just a really- really– rough game.

  5. These interesting matters regarding David Icke (and more) are being discussed here at http://www.alien-ufos.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13214

  6. Hey- I know that place! My bud Daniella hangs out there. Looks like a good thread- from your link (WDWCF) I assume you’re the guy who started it back in April. What’s your opinion these days?

  7. Yes thanks, Ben. It was I who started the thread. (was it April?) I’d forgotten about it for a good few weeks only to find, when I came back to it that the viewing was into four figures and well over a hundred replies had been posted. I was pleasantly surprised! As for my opinion – hmm… well, I’m still forming it. All I can say is that Mr. Icke is probably closer to what I think than anything or anyone else. I’m a lapsed Catholic on a quest for knowledge of what life is all about and how it came to be. I have not yet drawn any conclusions that have given me anything to believe in. I started my website with the intention of getting a discussion going about it but alas, I am guilty of neglecting the site (which still needs work doing to it) and it has attracted little attention. It’s still up there, though if you fancy looking at it – with all due respect to the webmaster of THIS site.

  8. Hi Ben, You suspected that David Icke is unwell, he is. In a recent newsletter he stated that he is suffering from arthritis, especially in his hands. If you have another look at the video you will see that he doesn’t bend his fingers and that his hands are held at an unusual angle (you’ll even see that angle in the earlier Wogan tape). Arthritis very rarely strikes in just one place, so he must be in quite a deal of pain. More kudos to him for continuing to educate us while suffering like this.

    P.S. I found this site through a link in an Icke newsletter to the video three clicks forward.


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