What This Carnage Is All About

I seem to be on a major David Icke roll these days- lately it seems every time I turn around there are more people talking about him and his theories. Just today I came across a recent TV appearance (see previous post) and three seemingly-unrelated blogs where Icke has suddenly become a topic of conversation. And to top it all off, I just opened my email to read my Yahoo Groups digests and what do I see? A new copy of the David Icke newsletter has gone out- and is quoted in near-entirety. With a link to the rest. (Warning- there are a couple pretty graphic photos of severely wounded children at the top of the page.)

The title of Icke’s new piece is “What is this carnage really all about?” and the subtitle is “The story that so very few people have the research or the guts to tell.” Well, he certainly has guts- you gotta give him that. Because you’ll find nothing about reptiles in this issue, no shapeshifting, no alien visitations, and no references to “The Matrix.” Instead Icke lays out a practically canonical overview of the conspiratorial view of history as applied to the question of Israel, the Rothschilds, and the Illuminati. A story in which the vast majority of Jews have been sold out and misled by a tiny cabal- which holds even greater power today than it did in 1948.

Icke writes-

What is happening [in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip] is the latest outbreak of hostilities that began when the Rothschild dynasty targeted what was then Arab Palestine to be what it called a ‘Homeland for the Jews’.

But lest you jump hastily to conclusions and decide to cry “anti-Semitism” – we know what you’re thinking, ADL – take in the rest of the graf and let it percolate-

The Rothschild cabal could not care less about the Jews. To them they are a means to an end of global control.

The strategy- one which has been used to great effect and now threatens to drag the world into a full-blown holocaust- is to deliberately blur the line between “Jews” and “Zionists” in order to paint all anti-Zionists as anti-Semites. But there is just one little problem- you see, Judaism is an ancient, massive and ever-evolving body of religious doctrine, while Zionism is a very specific political ideology. It’s like equating Dominionism with Christianity here in the U.S., or neo-conservatives with ALL conservatives. If you’re part of the larger group, and the sub-group begins causing trouble while hiding under the mantle of your name- aren’t you bothered by that? Are you perhaps concerned that you might become “collateral damage” in the backlash unleashed by your overly-aggressive brethren?

The modus operandii of all three of these hardliner groups are identical- they operate as opportunistic viruses in their respective host bodies, masquerading as healthy cells. They wrap themselves in the mantle of a larger group- pretending to serve that group’s interests- all the while serving only themselves. Playing a deadly version of “let’s you and him fight,” they accuse all their opponents of being enemies of their host group. Their use of rhetorical weapons- the broad brush, the strawman argument, the tar-baby, the sympathy ploy and the arsenal of childish linguistic rules known as political correctness– is as treacherous to the uninformed as it is predictable to the astute observer.

You may think these examples are merely loose analogies- but the similarities don’t end there. As Icke points out-

The most visible Zionist front in the United States today are the so-called ‘neo-conservatives’ or ‘neo-cons’…

Drink it in. Think a while. Spit.

What is this carnage really all about?
– by David Icke


~ by theylive on August 1, 2006.

5 Responses to “What This Carnage Is All About”

  1. Once again Icke points out very great points, as well as this site. Just because someone is in a sub division they think they can do whatever they want whether it’s in the larger bodies best interests, or even if they agree, and then if people so much as lift a finger against them, they say they are disrespecting the larger body. It happens all the time in the modern world, and it has to be the cheapest move I have ever seen, and people get away with it far too often. Icke is onto something once again, I just hope that he gets it all out there and people see it.

  2. The ultimate goal of the Neo Cons is unclear to me, but the intermediate goals couldn’t be clearer.

    Once you understand what they are working toward, just about every newspaper headline suddenly makes sense. From the Zionists pushing into residential areas of Lebanon, bombing the ports, bridges, power stations and airport — all to provoke Syria and Iran into overt involvement… from publicizing US deliveries of WMDs to Israel to giving massive publicity to comments by the president of Iran…

    We are being prepared to participate in a Mideast-wide conflict.

    The neo-cons get their perpetual war and the enemy becomes more “real” than the mostly made up al Qaida threat. And if every Muslim is suddenly the enemy, the 7 million+ Muslims in the US are a great excuse for 1.) national ID cards or RFID implants 2.) quarantines and travel restrictions, 3.) further reductions of privacy as it relates to the Federal view of your communications and possessions, and most important, 4.) fear and suspicion reducing the sense of community and common purpose.

    Whoever “they” are, they are on the way to creating the sheeple they need for their master plan.

  3. I’ve heard that the true “world leaders” are obsessed with destroying the most aggressive elements of society. An underclass of sheeple is easier to manage than independent-thinking people. Destroying those with the will to fight helps create a docile population.

    It makes sense. it also would mean that the tactic of instilling and maintaining fear takes less effort and produces less negative effect.

    But it’s just something I’ve heard.

  4. There is a certain sense of elegant economy to that, I’ll agree…

  5. At least twice each week I read the rant of another angry American who invariably declares that Bush is an idiot, but if they’re just figuring that out now, they’re throwing stones from a glass house. Of course he’s an idiot. They needed an idiot. If the man displayed any signs of intelligence, evil actions couldn’t be repeatedly passed off as “failures” or “bungling.” If the president were intelligent and scholarly, people would question why he’s completely incompetent, but because he’s an obvious buffoon, many people accept that as the reason everything’s going horribly wrong. It’s also a lot less distressing to believe that your government is incompetent rather than know that they’re evil, and most people will cling to that comfort. The real problem is that if people blame Bush’s idiocy for our troubles, they probably also think that the solution would be to get him out of office, but if they think we’ll be saved by “Hillary in ‘08,” or any other politician, they’re even slower than Bush.

    Regardless of who’s occupying the White House, there has never been an idiot running this country. There’s simply too much power and money at stake for an idiot to gain control of it. If the president is an idiot, and there doesn’t seem to be too much debate on that issue concerning Dubya, he’s only in the White House because someone else has firm control over him. Someone somewhere is flipping through the Bush-Gannon photo album, and that person has a lot more control over the fate of this nation than our “president” does.

    Of course this reasoning begs the question “if this country isn’t being run by an idiot, why is everything going so horribly wrong?” The answer is that it’s going wrong by design. The naive questioner makes the erroneous assumption that this country is being run by people who are acting in the interest of Americans, but nothing can be further from the truth. Instead of accusing Bush of doing a lousy job, or being a lousy president, please try to think in terms of Bush’s “boss” being someone other than the American people, and his “job” as being to grab as much cash as he can for himself and his friends before driving this country into the ground. If you look at his presidency in that light, you can instantly see that he’s doing a marvelous job, and he’s the best “president” an enemy nation could ever hope to see in the White House.

    The fact of the matter is that America as we know it (or knew it) is being systematically destroyed, and the politicians from both political parties are making this possible. Freedom and justice are fading memories, the U.S. Constitution is “just a goddamn piece of paper,” and the election process has been undermined. The jobs have been shipped overseas, the economy is hopeless, the environment is being raped, the Army is “broken,” the infrastructure is crumbling, our borders are being dissolved, and every dollar or gold nugget that was subject to being looted, is already gone. With the entire nation and its population deep in debt, crashing the economy is a simple matter of raising interest rates, which will allow the bankers to once again scoop up all mortgaged property, and force its inhabitants out into the street.

    The next logical question one would ask is “who is running this country that would intentionally inflict such horrors upon it, and how do they benefit from destroying a country they control?”

    To answer the “who is running this country?” part of the question, ask yourself why no politician can get elected in this country unless he shows undying financial, political, and military support for Israel. Whose enemies are American soldiers fighting in the middle east? Why did Ariel Sharon say “Israel rules America, and the Americans know it?” Don’t you think it’s a bit strange that an American president said “I’d die for Israel,” after dodging the draft when America was at war? The Israelis are in firm control of most American politicians, and AIPAC insures that any politician who doesn’t support Israel, is not re-elected.

    The answer to the next part of the question (how do they benefit by destroying a country they control?”) is that controlling America is only a stepping stone toward ruling the world. Ruling the world will not be possible without first destroying America, because America intact would present insurmountable opposition to any nation that had such lofty goals. Another more obvious motive is unimaginable profit. Causing the economy to crash right now will cause the biggest transfer of wealth in the planet’s history. Rothschild banks, like the U.S. Federal Reserve, have instigated this horror many times in the past, most recently in 1929, when they made a killing by triggering the great depression.

    If you’re still following this madness, you’ve noticed I’m suggesting that Israel is using its control of American politicians toward the destruction of America, to rid itself of opposition in its quest to rule the world. Admittedly, this line of reasoning might sound a little far-fetched, but it happens to be strongly supported by documentation, historic precedent, and much of what’s happening today.

    Either way, the next questions that arise on the road to making sense of this are; “If Israel rules America, who rules Israel?” And “Why would I think they want to rule the world?” To begin addressing part one, Israel was created by Zionists, and has always been ruled by them. Zionism is a political movement that seeks to return Jews to the holy land, and although this goal seems innocent enough, their means of achieving it have killed millions, and their hidden agenda is nothing short of horrifying. Although most of the world recognizes Israel as a “Jewish state,” what most people don’t know is that in Israel, there is widespread discrimination against many Jews, and this discrimination is carried out, oddly enough, by other Jews, namely the above-mentioned Zionist Jews.

    Obviously, we are now talking about a division in the group of people the gentile world refers to as “Jews,” but to understand this division, we need to know something of their history. On one side of the division are Sephardic Jews, who are the descendants of the twelve tribes cast out of the holy land as per the story most people are familiar with, and on the other side of that division are the Ashkenazi Jews, who are of a different origin. Ashkenazi Jews are the descendants of the Kazars, who occupied what is known today as Kazakstan. The Kazars were a very war-like people who became a very powerful nation, and their king decided out of political convenience that his pagan population would suddenly become Jewish. Rabbis and teachers were imported, and the national conversion began in about 740 A.D. Seven hundred years later, they would be driven into eastern Europe by the Mongols.

    Jewish law, as written in the Torah, prescribes that Jews are to remain in exile until their messiah returns to lead them back to the holy land, but it appears that the Zionists, who began as a small faction of Ashkenazi Jews, seem to be motivated by a quest to return to the holy land without divine guidance, and then name their own messiah rather than waiting around for one.

    To some this would seem like a mere difference of opinion, and the many varieties of Christianity that are practiced in the United States demonstrate how any religious scripture might be interpreted differently by different sects, but twisting Jewish scripture in this direction makes it very convenient for any group of people who did seek to rule the world. Also, the sheer volume of bloodshed and horror unleashed upon the world by Zionism makes it necessary to look into this sect a bit more closely. When we do, we discover that this one small group of people has been responsible for most of the world’s problems over the last century, and have unspeakable horrors planned for our future.

    It’s important to note here that I am definitely not suggesting that Jews are the cause of any problems, but instead I’m talking about a ruthless criminal sub-culture that hides among the Jews, and is also directly responsible for most of the persecution Jews have suffered. This ball of confusion started spinning for me after I saw a photograph showing a group of orthodox Jews burning a flag at a demonstration in New York. If they were burning any other flag I may not have noticed, but these Jews were burning the flag of Israel.

    To answer part two of the question (Why would I think they want to rule the world?), we have the fact that it’s been their stated goal for centuries, and the last few years have saw them making huge strides in that direction. There’s also the disturbing truth that for all practical purposes, they already do rule the world.

    If this information seems completely absurd to you, it’s because Zionists control every major newspaper, TV station, publishing company, and movie studio in America, which has basically given them a good grasp on your mind. They control the White House, the Pentagon, Congress and our Judiciary, as well as our supplies of water and food. To help expand their influence when America was young, Zionists also founded many of the Masonic lodges, the “illuminati,” and they’re also responsible for the spooky pyramid on the back of your dollar bill proclaiming the “New World Order.” That’s because the privately owned bank known as the U.S. Federal Reserve, is also owned by Zionists.

    The economy will crash, the poor will starve, and the dissenters will be jailed. Violence will erupt, and the U.N. troops will arrive to “protect” us. From that point on we will live as slaves under martial law, and like any other beast of burden, we’ll be allowed to survive if they need us to do their work for them, but we’ll certainly have no reason to live.

    This quest to rule the world, whether it be called “The New World Order,” or “One World Government,” or if it’s sold with any other catch-phrase, has little to do with religion other than that its orchestrators are using the scriptures as a tool for carrying out their plans for global domination. They have always used religion as a tool for controlling the masses in the past, and it’s serving their purposes quite nicely today. The script, or scripture, was written long ago, and much of the world’s population can be counted upon to play one part or another. The scariest part of this is that some Jewish scriptures, known as the Talmud, the Zohar, and the Kabbalah, are very racist in nature, and in some cases dictate the bloody demise of all gentiles. These scriptures will most likely be used to justify merciless depopulation efforts.

    Just as Russia and Germany were destroyed by Zionism in the previous world wars, America will soon fall victim to even worse treachery, because we’re the last hurdle to jump on the track to global domination. The 9-11 deception, which the Israelis also had a hand in, was only a symptom of a much larger disease known as Zionism, and America is in the final stages of infection. We all need to get the big picture if we want to find a cure. America has no hope of surviving as anything other than Israel’s slave state unless a massive education project is embarked upon immediately. I thank you for reading this, and thank you in advance for passing it on. – Jolly Roger

    “History is a collection of lies that are no longer being disputed” – Napoleon Bonaparte

    There’s plenty of information on Zionism available at: http://iamthewitness.com/

    Download the interviews while you still can. Educate yourself and your neighbors today, and for God’s sake, arm yourself. America will prevail, but it won’t be easy.

    Anything written by Jolly Roger is the property of the American people, and the author hereby grants permission to anyone who so desires to post, print, copy, or distribute this letter in its entirety, and in fact, the author encourages you to do so. – J.R.

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