We Are Not Alone

We Are Not AloneThis is a David Icke video mashup I made using onetruemedia’s online montage tool. It’s a pretty cool system- I’m looking forward to playing with it some more, because this little clip is just a test run- I’ve got more kewl stuph coming up. But until then- here you go…

Video Mashup: Ben Nisetar
Music: Martin Noakes
Spoken Word: David Icke

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UPDATE here.


~ by theylive on August 8, 2006.

63 Responses to “We Are Not Alone”

  1. This video is great. Amazing job Benn, the audio is great, and then having all of the overlays while you have the breaks with David in the background, it provides almost a subliminal addiction. Also a great job with the line from David saying that George Bush Sr. and his wife are from the same bloodline, then showing Jr. completely stuttering up his speech. Amazing imagery with all of the reptilian statues, once again great job.

  2. Woah, cool music. That covers a lot of ground considering the short amount of time it is. Nice job with showing Bush and the administration giving the devil sign. Also, that picture of Rummy is pretty good. Anyone else think he\’s a little over the top? I think he might be trying amateur hypnotism from all the pictures I\’ve seen of him in weird poses at the podium. Anyways, sweet video.

  3. You can tell that ancient civilizations knew something we didn’t. David hit it right on the nose, they had advnanced intelligence about astrology, and they had to have known something we didn’t. Perhaps they were leaving them behind to warn us? Although we’d have to figure it out soon with the way the world is going now.

  4. This movie is really awesome. I put it on my Xanga too, so hopefully more people see this. It’s true too, it isn’t a conspiracy it is an agenda, just like Mr. Icke says. There’s also proof that presidents are elected by who has more royal bloodline. You can trace it back through every presidential election, who won and who they were running against, and it was who had more royal ties, more “purity” in their blood so to speak, that got elected.

  5. I wasn’t aware until recently of all the Illuminati symbols that have been sitting right in front of our faces. The dollar bill, the statue of liberty, it’s all there. You do a great job of pointing that out. They wave it in our face that they have us under their thumb and hardly anyone has recognized it.

  6. Evey one had some great comments about the movie -especially Brian who points out the same blood line creates idiot children like Junior Prez. Now, that’s true because George practically drools on people.

    I saw the mash-up because I’m interested in mash-ups not the nutter, David Icke. Benn, have you made more of those and do you make them for other people?

  7. This video is beautiful. Great eye in pulling it all together. I liked how you kept it serious, yet had some humor still in there. It was very amazing, although the end part, that looks like it could have really hurt. I also loved the kid dancing around before it went to Bush.

  8. Hi everybody- thanks for your comments. Apparently a lot of people seem to like it and I even got an email this morning from a writer who wants to do an article about it for a magazine called “Digital Widget”. So that’s pretty cool. What would be really cool would be if we can get David Icke to see it- that’s what I’m hoping for!

    To answer M.D.’s question, actually this is the first time I ever edited video! But I have edited a lot of audio before and I’m accustomed to using online tools. This one- the OneTrueMedia montage tool- was perfect for this particular project.

    But another one you might want to check out is called JumpCut. It is a little more complex than OTM and it has a lot more effects- filters, titles, etc.- The downside is that all these extra things can make your audio track stutter- especially if your video is longer than a minute- so you have to keep the effects to a minimum (or make a very short video). But it’s still very cool and I’ll be using it for some other projects- :30 or :60 second “commercial” type things- should be perfect for that.

  9. Most excellent! Hope Icke gets to view it too. You’ve done a great job at getting the message through. Once I get a website of my own I’m using it there! Great music too.. keep up the great work.

  10. posted by VelvetSplash on ATS on 9-5-2005:

    “We cannot see/touch/smell/taste/hear the 4th dimensional frequencies, so we don’t know it is there – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, just the way we are ‘plugged into’ *this* dimension means the 4th dimensional frequencies fall outside OUR frequency range – that range of frequencies that the body can experience.

    Regarding the shapeshifting – now going along with this – What if the ‘Illuminati’ (a name I’m using as a cover-all phrase for the NWO/Reptiles/Whomever is in charge) – What if these people have, and always have had, this knowledge? If they are interacting somehow with the 4th dimension – basically they know how to interact with frequencies outside the regular human frequency-band, then all their rituals, maybe these are ways of communicating, or opening channels with the frequencies outside our range? If beings exist on these frequencies outside our range, then are these ways of interacting with them in some way?

    Since the physical body is merely a frequency of vibrational energy – Shapeshifting could simply be a way of altering the human perception of certain frequencies. We believe the world is physical, and we know something physical, like a rock, or a human, cannot change into something else, or alter it’s form without some sort of outside interaction – but if it’s just energy with a frequency, change the vibrational frequency, change the ‘physical’ form.”

  11. I like this kind of stuff but why is always about English or American people? Isn’t there another civilization beyind this too? Or it’s because they can’t rule the world so they create many conflicts between nations?? Is that?

    Well Nice Job,where I can find that song??

  12. I believe deep down guys that there is life on other planet’s remember what it says in the bible God made the heaven’s & the Earth that mean that there other alien beingout there that literally exploding us as well as we are explosding the possiblity that we can find them some day soon & I’ve seen alien craft hubbing over the Roanoke . Va parkway back in 1986 after my husband cousin wedding at the patrick henry hotel & then after that I seen 4 black helicopter right behind it then that the last time I ever seen anything out of the ordinary & well my roommate Patrick also had a revelation back in Hornell, N.Y. when he was 17 yrs old & then it took off out of the walter almost knocking him & his oldest broter Jeffery off there feet, Well that’s all I can remember .

  13. Noakes’ song can be found here in both m3u and mp3 formats-

    This is Martin Noakes page at SongCity, I believe. Unfortunately the link to the Icke interview goes nowhere- but the audio is still there.

  14. In Portugal is there any Reptilian?
    As I know the Portuguese spread many repitilians throught the entire world while the discoveries,because was the Knights of Templars who made possible to happen that Era of discovering other cultures and to add those repitlians to those cultures.

    When I listen to Enya,I became a kind of hipnotic with the sound she make,and her eyes scare me a little but are truly beautiful,she could be a reptilian? She had long fingers and have a small body and a perfect nose.

    Please answer me about this….can you investigate it?

  15. I have no idea, Endymion. But to go by what Icke has said, we are talking about white beings (not sure if I should say \”people\”) who originated in the Caucasus Mountains and spread from there downward nto the Indian Peninsula, laterally into the Indus Valley, and northward into what is today Europe. For whatever reason (possibly the lack of any other industrial cultures in the area at that time), it came to pass that today\’s world is controlled by the European \”tribe\”, who eventually became the Britons (among other things) and then spread to North America. So while the predominant strains seem to be UK/US-based, there is no reason why any particular country would be omitted.

    As far as whether or not Enya (or anyone else) is a reptilian, I\’d just as soon leave those determinations to Mr Icke.

  16. I really like the video. Strangely enough, ‘We Are Not Alone’ is going to be reviewed in a national music magazine at the end of this month (September issue) Computer Music Magazine (U.K). I don’t know whether they are going to like or loathe it yet!

    I would love to see David Icke get mainstream airtime and the medium of music, could just help, we\’ll have to see.

    Anyway thanks for spreading the word about it.


  17. Wow.
    Martin Noakes, himself!

    The video mash-up rocks..
    I saw it, and I now find myself humming that song incessantly.

    The song and video are a perfect match!
    It’s really helping to get the word out about Icke.

    I’m serious…because after I showed a few people, they began to do some Icke research for themselves and now understand what I’ve been going on about.

    Awesome job, gentlemen!
    You guys planning on doing more?

  18. […] Τυχαία έπεσε το μάτι μου στο “We Are Not Alone“, ένα video mashup. Με εικόνες από ανθρώπους που θα μπορούσαν να είναι και εξωγήϊνοι. […]

  19. ^^^ I wish I knew what that said!

  20. hi ben,
    thanks. its a great video. i am not much familiar with these things but the audio was perfect match with the nifty video you made. its just superb!
    i have no problem with you using my images in this work. thanks for asking my permission.
    i hope david icke will see it and will appreciate your good work.
    best regards,

  21. Ben

    Great video. We need to expose them. They are here. Have you heard about the Marine that was killed for revealing secrets about Dick Cheney?

  22. Tawfique-

    Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your kind words. Your gargoyle shot is absolutely awesome! (for the reader: you can also find the shot here on Tawfique’s flickr page),


    Are you refering to the marine in the TruthseekerTV movie?

    I’ve seen that movie site and the marine is one of the details I am most interested in. Not only because he is a vital “link in the chain” as it were- but also because it should be possible to verifibly demonstrate the facts of his existence and find out his identity by researching military records. So he is a pretty good place to start- in addition to Brandon Corey and Jude Kemper themselves.

    But you’re getting ahead of me- I’ve been contacted by the Truthseeker people and there’s more to this story than just the video itself. I’m writing an “article” about it (for lack of a better word) and I’ll be posting it here in the blog as soon as I track down a couple more details. In the meanwhile- if you have any additional information on this marine- let us know, bro!

  23. […] I just got an email from Ben Nisetar, telling me that he’s used this photo in his short We Are Not Alone mashup, and checking that it’s ok with me. I’ll publish my response here, since I’m sure that’ll be ok with Ben, and I want to blog about this anyway. […]

  24. Hello Andrew!

    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your photography…
    That Gargolye shot is absolutely wonderful.

    I saw your blog and actually made reference to it on my favorite BBS, Alien-Ufos.com -where we were talking about Ben’s mash-up -as a side note- when the issue of copyright came up. I put a link to your blog there to show, for example…how cool it is when we all work together -without stealing a thing.

    Here’s a link to the discussion
    Click Here

  25. hey notice the chemtrails in the photo… just thought id point it out.

  26. Hey-
    Chemtrails are all over that video. God, they are everywhere! The NWO likes their sheeple looking down. Only some of us ever bother to look up.

    Wait, what’s that in the sky?

    -Sir, you saw nothing at all. Just keeping watch television. Everything is under control.

  27. Love the song and the vid, esp the last clip when the guy jumps from building to building. lol!

  28. YOU ARE A GREAT MAN !!! I play the bas, guitar, piano, drums, oil-drums etc. etc. on stand-in level, and I can tell you that this re-mix is GREAT JOB WELL DONE !!!

    Please visit me sometime and join the chat:


    Thank you for this !!!

  29. One word, G R E A T clip !!!!!

  30. We at the University of Iceland are aware of David Icke. I am among those in Icelandic society who openly support his views wherever I get the chance. Being an artist, however, I do not have the same time I had as before to read books about the themes Icke writes about. I am currently trying to translate his book, And The Truth Shall Set You Free. The only way to translate the work of David Icke properly in terms of artistic expression is to paint him eating Henry Ford, having decapitated mr. Ford. Such an interpretation of a conspiracy writer would become a shock to anyone to behold, not least the first person to paint it. The entire car industry would be forced to face two options as a result of such a cruel and sadistic, sadomachistic, megalomainacal, symbolic, paranoiac, anthropomorphic and environmentally liberating interpreation of David Icke´s work; either stop killing more electronic cars and get environmental, or collapse.
    I am a great fan of David Icke.
    I also repeat that I am currently desperately trying to translate And The Truth Shall Set You Free. However, even though I have nothing to say against mr. Icke, as I love his work and the books I have read so far of those he wrote, this idea of mine cannot leave my otherwise peaceful mind every time I attempt to dissolve it. It is therefore, on every terms, an entity which has become totally self aware in the dimension where it sprang form, and fortunately, an event which never happened in this present existence or timeline. If Henry Ford had been around, and I had been an American, or an Italian or Spanish painter, I could have painted Henry Ford´s body minus the head or kept the head somewhere between the pants flawlessly. In the year 2005, I did a sketch of the painting. It was called; David Icke Eats Henry Ford. On the sketch, Icke had used an arabic sword to remove Henry´s head. The head of the car gigant lied below the body which Icke held, while he was begun to taste it. There was not a drop of blood. Only two men, the other missing a head. His facial features somewhat reminded me of the facial features of Saturn in Goya´s illustration of Saturn eating his children.
    The drawing was to be of a painting that would symbolize the collapse of the General Motors company and other car manufacturers who had been producing dangerous cars. The decapidation and cannibalism present on the drawing symbolized Icke´s spirituality and my deep respect for his persona, and also the impact he had already had on our culture at that time, even mine.

  31. My experience of having watched half of the video does not nearly stun me. However, that does not make displeased. I am mostly familiar with most of the themes that are presented in that half. How I would love to have a copy of those glasses that appear in the movie They Live! The halluciogenic images and the effect the had upon those who used them are still talked about almost more than 10 years later after the film´s production. The only man who seems totally unable to pay any attention at all to how well They Live is doing in informing the general public about a small percentage of what goes on beneath their noses, appears to be the film´s director, mr. John Carpenter. The film does very well in anthropomorphosizing paranoia. What it does not do as well in doing, is marketizing it. At an age when competition is vanishing and marketization alongside it, had it been remade in the present era by the director of some of the recent Hollywood horror flicks, it would have succeeded vastly. However, a film which interprets basically simular themes of discussion although the themes that are discussed are light – years apart from each other, is an early movie associated with Steven Spielberg called Dreams. It gives the viewer almost exactly the same feeling of madness and horror, laughter and adulthood as a result of having watched They Live. The first experience I had as a result of having watched They Live! for the second time, was the headache everyone is familiar with when they first get to know how bizzare and unreal reality becomes when the borders between the real and the fantastic are crossed.

  32. just got linked to here from Ickies site, hes seen it. tidy vid Ben keep it up.

  33. Icke´s site is the only one alongside that of Jeff Rense, and Whitley Strieber I find useful. In Iceland I do not have freedom of speech. I have freedom of speech only outside of Iceland.
    There is an infinite bunch of UFO and conspiracy related websites I can visit from Iceland. One thing I cannot understand, however, is why people have become so obsessed with First Contact and what is generally referred to as Full UFO disclosure. No alien race is ever going to land publicly on Earth as long as I will live, despite I don´t deny it as a future possibility, and so many are already here that doing so would be pointless for any of them.
    The only thing I am displeased right now when it comes to my early UFO research, is how little time I have for it except in terms of artistic expression.

  34. Gentlemen,

    announcement of factual error I am responsible for; Inaccurate information on my current social status detected

    I shall write no more at present for a while as matters rest such. I was not right in my earlier estimate, that I do not have freedom of speech. I do. The reason for why I do, is because I appear to have done absolutely nothing wrong which might have resulted in myself loosing that right. Therefore, my email in where I allege that I do not have freedom of speech in Iceland, is fundamentally wrong. It may sound paranoid to some viewers or readers, but how can it be paranoid if it is wrong? If the information my email presents is fundamentally incorrect, it is fundamentally incorrect and contains absolutely no useful material. I will not be insulted if the big letter I wrote on Henry Ford, David Icke and the car industry is removed because of it´s length.

    Vast numbers of people are awakening all over the world and seeing through the veil of this MATRIX be live in.
    David Icke has a special mission here on Earth at this time and we should help him to help ourselves spreading the word. Thanks to our buddy Ben Niserat for taking his time to do this. Great video with nice shoots (good eye in catching important details Ben) and the sound is excellent with David’s voice resonating in the background, watch it and SHARE it.

    Let’s help spread the truth, our time has come.

  36. Excellent, this is up there with “Coldcut’s-Revolution”. We need stuff like this to open the minds of people out there to the truth of society.

  37. g.r.e.a.t. loved the video,great musick and wonderful imagery ,guess what ?i found it by following the link from none other that david ickes website! http://www.davidicke.com/content/blogcategory/30/48 🙂 thanks!!

  38. TimeWave Zero / December 24th 2012 / Death to the illuminati.

  39. Hi, Ben. Greetings from Argentina!
    I’ve been reading David Headlines in his site, as always, and found the link to this great surprise.
    Great vid, awesome music, fantastic job. It’s a pitty that David’s work is so unknown in South America, and so few material of his work is in spanish. I’d like to spread his ideas in my country, but a few people manages to understand english. Maybe some day someone can break that barrier and awake people globaly.
    I found David Icke writngs in times of my country’s economic debacle in 2001, knowing that it was a great conspiracy, including worldwide bankers and corrupt politics that send Argentina to the endless pit of despare. Argentine bankrupt is a clear example of how the global bankers sucks people energy from around the world.
    Greast job, great site, Ben. Thanks!

  40. excellent work. i hope that people will pay attention, soon.

  41. Great work ben. Really gets the point across. David’s work has been done a great credit here.

    BOO! to Baphomet

    The Shape shifties don’t stand a chance

  42. Keep it going Ben!!

    Anything that can get the word out about David Icke to the masses -as well as this one piece of short video, imagine what you could accomplish with more.

  43. hey this was awsome, if there anyway you can make a link for the embeded player so i can post it on some websites like myspace and stuff to help spread it some more? If not I’ll just link this site. Thanks.


  45. Hi everybody- thanks for stopping by!

    Spreader- yes there are a number of ways you can embed the video. Go to http://www.they-live.com/2006/08/17/we-are-not-alone-an-update/ for more info. Also the YouTube page has an embed code feature so you can grab it from there as well.

    – BN

  46. David icke was born in Leicestershire which is just a few miles from where I live and I take exception to the comment from Ms delight that he is ‘a nutter. ‘ Believe me he’s a well informed intelligent individual. Anyway, besides all that……..the video is GREAT!

  47. we truly are not alone and its about damn time we open our eyes thank you david for being so brave and exposing these reptilians. i read all your books and purchased your dvd with credo mutwa and recently on tv i saw a documentary about the mayan gods and they found skulls not too far from the mayan temple and the skulls had big puncture wounds on them as if they sucked there brains from the skulls the evidence truly is amazing not that I see more and more evidence las vegas i believe is a mojor place with all its symbols

  48. Interesting.

    Though I do have one thing to say. I do not like misdirection. Why can I hear echos of a springboard when that guy jumps to the other building at the end?

  49. nice music 😀
    i very liked that video,damm.
    i still think how we can stop this?

  50. I agree with “A Hamilton”, on the building jump you can clearly hear a trampoline of somesort.

  51. Was it me or did Rumsfeld look like the Emperor from Star Wars with his hands up like he is using those energy ( force ) bolts at us? Nice video, just one question, what was that at the end, that thing trying to sail across from one building to another? Did they die, and can you show and extended clip of the event taking place again?

  52. I totally agree; we are not alone! Incidentally, can anyone shed light on the ancient Aryan race called the Nagas?
    According to the vedic scriptures as well as some buddhist texts, they are a noble race that rule the Underworld.
    You know, sometimes I feel that our modern world IS the underworld. I would appreciate any illuminating feedback.
    Thank you,
    Daniel Narayan Ramos

  53. Great video, thanks for showing it. but what is with this guy at the end? great jump shame about the landing. i’ll give him 8/10 !

  54. Saying hi from Ning, & nice little video. Some controversy over research, I prefer Michael Tsarions version better, esp. concerning the origins of man, evil, & the reptilians (nagas / anunaki) Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy & respect Icke. tc

  55. It is brill that there is my many people who know there is somthink really going on in the world i have had this feeling in my gut for a long time now that we are not alone. thanks david

  56. nice video! i love that jump=] but, does any1 knows from where i can download film THEY LIVE for free?

  57. I am a long time reader of David Icke’s work and i think it is flawed in a few areas. 1. Icke does nto go off of personal experiences with so called alien entities. 2. Icke always condemns reptilian life froms with being heartless enslavers of humanity. 3. If an advanced race really wants to control our lives, then shouldn’t they’ve had all the time in the universe to wipe us out and take our planet already? Look people! The only threat facing humanity right now is humanity and an angry planet (our planet). We need to stop blaming dark forces and aliens for our own idiocy. If there is a reptilian race active on our planet, then they probably
    evolved here and are pissed that we are destroying the ecosystem. And for goodness’ sake, stop believing in every nut who says they’ve been in contact with Draconians from Sirius. The only supernatural beings that I’ve been in contact with are discarnate humans in various stages of evolution. Everything from demons and angels to succubae and faery are really just humans in one evolved state or another. Yes, life continues after death. And so does evolution. One day you may hatch from your coocoon and discover your’re really a mothman or a grey. Hah-Hah-Huh dumb arses! Wake up and return to mother Earth, the supreme deity of humanity.

  58. No hard feelings Icke. I too believed that we were being infiltrated by the so called Reptilians. But years of watching world events led me to believe that we humans are the real demons who for some reason obsessed
    with harming one another and enslaving our own kind. We probably and most likely are the product of some genetic expirimentation by another more advanced race, but we are in control now and are doing a most terrible job at running our planet. Lets go were the evidence leads us. Humans need serious re-education. Lets try that instead of believing in Gods and aliens who run our lives. I’m available for comments at Phone number (334) 220-3391 and coren_dubose@yahoo.com. I welcome a good debate. No. Really. Lets discuss our current global crisis.

  59. Hi Martin, I work with a friend of yours (Rob Pond) and he told me about your interest in conspiracies. I am glad to see that you are well informed on David Icke and doing something positive about getting the word out. I would like to meet up sometime and share a bit of knowledge and maybe suggest other possibilities about awakening the sheeple.
    As for Coren, you are entitled to your opinion but, every negative response that you have given to David Icke’s work is actually covered in his books except maybe seeing a reptilian, although he did have a strange encounter with Ted Heath once. Read those books again and relate it to what you have written, may I suggest some Stewart Swerdlow books as well. You are right by saying we are in control, unfortunately most people don’t realise it, so rather than criticise Icke, do something positive and wake up other people. Mother Earth needs you.

  60. what id like to know is this; how bad can the inter space plane where the reptilian entities come from be to where they have to have us humans generate so much fear to provide thier world with energy, or are these reptilian entities just being pricks? would they survive in a financially poor and repressed human biengs world as one of us? what humans need to concentrate on is what the inter space realm of these reptilians is like and why they need human fear to energize thier world. i believe alot of our answers come from that area. another topic im concered about is the whole ”2012′ thing. if they know that eventually we humans ”win” when we are ”enlightened” by 2012, then why arent the reptilian entities nervous about that that they may lose thier energy source? noone is addressing these issues and this is what we need to focus on.

  61. Hello there,

    Icke doesn´t condemn the reptilians for being who they are.
    He makes numerous references in all of his works on the importance of the concept of love and why it matters so much and what is his concept of it´s meaning.
    I didn´t make that painting I was going to make.
    He´s very difficult to understand for most people who come across his material for the first time. Read Me!!

  62. I know Stewart. Whenever he approaxes me , he always takes a few steps back , looks directly into my eyes , and when he was in Iceland , both of us knew the same things and we felt instantly attracted to each other.
    I summoned him to my big island – using only visualization. And finally , several days ago , I saw what Icke was talking about along so many others – for I had been in sleep to these inter – space planes. And now it is coming to my country to throw a lecture. But being a Yatus , I knew that I would remain in complete command over my situation and that there was nothing for me or any of my kind to fear.

  63. This nourishing and enriching thread!

    All life is here.

    Have a lovely day! Jesus is!

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