On Conspiracies, Coverups, and Uncollapsed Cats

“If I keep speaking out like I am, maybe God will give me the life to talk my head off. I will break every law that it takes to talk my head off. Eleven of my best friends in the last 22 years have been murdered. Eight of the murders were called suicides.”

– US Government Engineer and UFO Whistleblower Phil Schneider, who was found dead seven months later with the piano wire still wrapped around his neck

There is a time for silence, and a time to speak. I’ve been incommunicado while researching some strange events over the last several days- and for my unexplained absence I do apologize. I considered it unwise to say anything before I had some more pertinent information- however that void will be filled by this entry and the next few to follow.

As I wrote last week– “modeltesting proceeds both deductively and inductively, projecting its hypotheses both forward and backward.” It’s a two-pronged process and to keep his/her balance the investigator must have the ability to hold in mind multiple possibilities at once. Often, the moment you make a “normal” assumption is the moment you get off track- you’ll end up wasting your time wandering around in circles, or get stuck to someone’s tar-baby. Motion and balance are essential. And for a well-balanced investigation to move forward to a conclusive terminus, its final eigenstate or “wavefunction” must remain uncollapsed as long as possible- Schrödinger’s Cat must remain both alive and dead.

Re-evaluating the Valuations

Of course there are times when it’s easy to do so- and times that are less so. For instance let’s consider the black helicopters photographed over the home of anti-NWO historian Alan Watt a couple weeks ago. This looks like a classic intimidation campaign (although of course there’s always the possibility that he faked this story with a couple photographs taken nowhere near his house). However, if you’ve heard any radio interviews with Watt over the last year or so, you’ll know that he’s had far worse things happen- last year someone tried to burn his house down by dropping a white flaming powdery substance (probably phosphorous) down his chimney. Once you know that story exists it’s rather hard to imagine him setting up this new story himself- it would be anticlimactic if nothing else. So Magic Eightball says “more likely true.” While it remains technically uncollapsed the Watt cat is distinctly leaning in one direction- and it’s beginning to strain logic and narrative arc if you try to push it the other way.

On the other hand, we have the dual break-ins of peak oil activist Mike Ruppert’s home and offices several weeks ago- the latest in a series of attacks which seem calculated to destroy him and his work completely. Ultimately these attacks resulted in Ruppert fleeing the country, as he describes in his lengthy but fascinating piece “By the Light of a Burning Bridge.” However there are many who say that Peak Oil in general- and Mike Ruppert in particular- are mere fictions designed to explain rising gas & energy prices, allowing for further control of the clueless public as we slide further and further into fascism. This scenario would technically make Ruppert a “counter-agent” or “COINTELPRO” (although apparently they’re not called that anymore these days)- a person who appears to be an activist against the status quo when in actuality he serves its interests. His backstory is certainly suggestive: LAPD detective successfully investigates government drug-smuggling into Los Angeles, busts the CIA on national television, then has a breakdown, quits the force, and becomes an anti-government activist and publisher. The arguments both for and against this theory are numerous (and they go far beyond the scope of this post) but the story is even more convoluted than I’ve just described. It’s an espionage novel come to life- and one can see how easily it might be pushed either way. For me, the Ruppert cat is definitely uncollapsed.

Each time you come to a branch point- an uncollapsed wavefunction- you need to step through all the known facts again and re-evaluate them in terms of both antipodes. If the cat is alive, then X1 Y1 and Z1. If the cat is dead, then X2 Y2 and Z2. In not too long you generally start finding that some of these projected conditional effects break the laws of logic or physics- straining probability beyond the ridiculous. This allows you to back up and prune that particular line of reasoning. This has an effect on the entire structure of course- so you go back to the beginning and start re-evaluating again. Sooner or later you’ll get to one that collapses the cat so much that it’s impossible to push it in the other direction.

That’s my approach to this whole post-modern mishmash we call “reality”. Everything is a continually-measured and re-evaluated experiment in postponed cat-collapsation.

The tools at my disposal include nothing more than my knowledge of human nature and the nature of social engineering, COINTELPRO or “psyops” tactics, along with all sorts of observable facts as reported by fellow humans- plus of course the laws of nature as revealed by science. Am I an expert in all these matters? Unfortunately, no. Otherwise this whole thing would probably make a lot more sense. But I’ve been observing in silence for a while and now I’m speaking.


~ by theylive on September 1, 2006.

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