Seeking the Truth about Truthseeker TV

Truthseeker TV The Brandon Corey StoryAs I explained in the previous post August 27th was an interesting day. The press release about the alleged theft of the “Eye to the Sky” photos had struck a nerve- not just because it looked like a covert action waiting to be investigated- but because it rang a bell on other levels. The similarities between the two cases turned out to mostly nothing- but the timing of these events made me wonder whether I was looking at two datapoints in a larger structure.

The night before all the Thorney Croftery began, I received an email from a company called Truthseeker TV. I imagine many other webmasters received similar emails as well (if they happen to mention David Icke a lot on their websites). The reason? They wanted to know if I would be interested in advertising their new movie- a documentary in which Icke is featured.

Now personally I’m a little uncomfortable with the idea of selling advertising on my site- it raises all sorts of potential ethical/editorial questions I would rather simply avoid- so I politely turned them down. But I also contacted some friends and started doing a little research…

From what’s available online TSTV is a small LA-based production company which apparently had a network deal to air a new conspiracy/reality TV series when everything went SNAFU. A page on their website explains:

“TruthseekerTV was all set to air on Television. We finished up our first episode and delivered it to the network. The first episode was called “The Brandon Corey Story” and we were very proud of it. But when the network saw that it was about Vice President Dick Cheney and his alleged connection to Satanists, blood drinking ceremonies, 9/11, and Aliens, the network CANCELLED us. We lost our deal!! Then, things got really scary, two weeks after losing our deal on TV, our offices in Los Angeles, Ca. were ransacked and robbed.”

They say they were able to reconstruct the episode by using footage which was kept in alternate safes, and now they want to sell it on DVD, bypassing the networks completely.

Who are these guys? I turned to Google and queried. I found that thousands of sites link to them. Most of these links are obvious “link swaps” (a practice in which two webmasters trade links to each other’s sites in order to boost their search engine ranking and traffic). Supporting that theory is the fact that most of them appear on “link pages” and many of them use the exact same words-

“Truthseeker TV, hosted by Jimi Petulla, is an all new Reality Show
that dares to go where other shows fear to tread.”

However it is also of note that many of these link swaps are 2 years old.

According to the Internet Movie Database, Jimi Petulla wrote, produced and acted in a wrestling movie called “Reversal” in 2001. His company “Jimi Petulla Productions” has a link at IMDB but it directs you to the “Reversal” site. He also played roles in two “B-movies” of the 90’s: a sci-fi thriller called “The P.A.C.K.” (which I actually saw- it was fun in a totally B-movie way) and a comedy-romance called “Silk n’ Sabotage” (also entitled “Wild Child 2”) which apparently involved a lot of topless women doing things like showering and bathing while (one assumes) some sort of sabotage is going on.

The TruthseekerTV site itself does not mention Petulla. In fact it doesn’t provide any credits at all- but it does show that David Icke is in the movie.

So now I have a lead- but it’s a pretty weak one. I still know nothing about the person or people who wrote Petulla’s paycheck. At this point I’m wondering “Who is behind TruthSeeker TV?” “What is their connection to David Icke?” “Have they really been burglarized?”- and the biggest question beyond all of those…

We all know how much difficulty Icke has been having lately. Is there a chance that this “burglary” (unlike the last one I investigated)- might actually turn out to be something? In other words-

Is the suppression of this film related to what seems
to be an organized, ongoing attack upon David Icke?

I next did a WHOIS search on the domain name and discovered a mystery even more unsubtle-

Registration Service Provided By: SPIRITDOMAINS/IAREGISTRY

John Doe (
124 naub ave
Tel. +1.8187840922

Creation Date: 25-Apr-2003

Administrative Contact:
Joan Doe (
123 naube ave
Tel. +1.232999999999

Technical Contact:
John Doe (
124 naube ave
Tel. +1.123456999999

John and Joan don’t live together anymore, it seems. Perhaps that’s because he won’t share his two addresses. But of course I appreciate the Roswell joke.

The last two phone numbers are obviously fakes, but the first one is in the 818 area code, which is in the San Fernando Valley (the northern part of Los Angeles). I called the number and got a voicemail box- it belongs to someone named “Michael” at On the night of Aug 31st I left a message and asked for Michael to call me back. So far he hasn’t.


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  1. > “However it is also of note that many of these link swaps are 2 years old.”

    See, Ben…
    I find that kinda odd. This was a setup for two years? I saw a link where a guy was wondering when TruthseekerTV was ever going to air – it was even more than two years ago.

    I went looking for where I saw that, though…and only got a 404 page.

  2. I’ve checked out that site too! It sounds really cool. I watched the trailer and I wanna see that reptilian shapeshift. I heard on this one site that reptilians are prone to revealing their real image if extreme emotion is riled in them, like anger. I wonder if that’s how they got to make that guy change. Sounds pretty spooky to me.

  3. Hi Dani- A lot of the links are so old they’ve died. But you can find a lot of live ones too. Sometimes they mention Petulla, sometimes they don’t. A few of them also use a little graphic that looks like a green freeway sign- the same exact graphic. And they always link to the main page (another reason I think it was a link swap).

  4. I am in the television business in L.A. Alot of us are talking about this now. My boss, knows Jimi Petulla. He is a TV producer/Film Producer. He did have a deal with FOX (imagine that?) to for TRuthseeker tv. She also says that Chris Carter from The X Files was involoved. But that not even Carter could get their first episode on the air. Apparently, Carter was trying to do something pretty radical with Truthseekertv. Anti-Dick Cheney stuff.

  5. Hi Master Farn- Thanks for posting. So Jimi Petulla is the producer of TSTV, and I assume Chris Carter would be the executive producer. But what I’m really wondering is- How does David Icke fit into all of this?

  6. Chris Carter is the executive producer of Truthseekertv, but he apparently is remaining silent because the material is so controversial. David Icke as far as I know was not the main reason that the show was pulled off the air. According to my info. the show was pulled because of pressure to take it off the air by The Bush Administration. What we need to do is start some sort of “Get The Word Out” grassroots movement that spreads the word about how Bush and Cheney had a tv show pulled off the air.

  7. There was a site on MySpace where the proprietress had cataloged footage of Icke for someone she thought was possibly associated with the government. I guess he disappeared leaving her with some of the footage and owing a final payment.

    Then somebody wrote to her on her page about the nano-cams being used, and someone else suggested they had other footage from the same surveillance.

    Then her MySpace page disappeared.

    It’s possible that there are folks monitoring discussions about Icke and the political issues supposedly touched on by TruthseekerTV. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  8. Some suspect shit I’ve found in my investigating…

    1. There is no Jude Kemper, and if he made documentaries, the only people who ever saw them were him and his mother.

    2. Why would you ever refer to someone as an “anti-Dick Cheney” activist, unless you know jack shit about activism and truth seeking?

    3. Character of the Brandon Corey guy in the videos is very suspect. The way he looks while Icke is speaking is that of an annoyed debunker type.

    4. No results showed up when I searched for all three of the supposed murdered people in the newspaper.

    5. Picture with the fingers chopped off looks shady as hell.

    6. If they really cared about the truth, the videos would be up on Google Video, YouTube, and torrents by now. They only care about profits, so it’s not up.

    7. Told someone on ConspiracyCentral that his DVD would ship on September 31st, which is nice…except for the fact that there is no September 31st.

    8. Used Alex Jones’ image and quote on their page without his permission.

  9. Looks like the official debunkers have located this site.

  10. Sup Lefty! That’s a good thing- we have people pushing on both sides of the cat- an attempt at a true group analysis may now proceed. Granted we have very few datapoints 😉 but hey wotya gonna do- apparently I’m not a Lucis Trust recipient- come to think of it the Rhodes people never got back to me either…

    I’ve been unbelievably busy with wurx lately but since there’s some new data I wanted to pop in to this thread and update everybody (myself & everybody else).

    RTS- very interesting info there- some of your datapoints I can validate with my own findings. Others make me wonder what your sources are. I guess I’ll go through them in order. (1) I was inclined to agree, although I found this: so that cat’s not completely dead. (2) I believe they said “anti-Dick Cheney Filmmaker” but I agree it sounds odd. (3) Have you heard the Icke interview tapes connected to this movie? Icke says Corey was very suspicious and apparently didn’t believe him. (4) ditto via internet SEs. (5) what do you mean by shady? I think the bandages are strangely wrapped. (6) welcome to America. (7) I looked for the post you mentioned and I couldn’t find it. maybe we are at different “Conspiracy Central”s? (8) Seriously? Did Alex Jones say that? Where did you hear it?

  11. I requested the DVD on concen. TSTV said they had “Problems’ With the last batch of audio on them. The guy who bought the dvd said its shipped on the 16th(Today)..So when i get the torrent i’ll post back later this week.

    Yeah Alex Jones said that on the dvd Terrorstorm.

  12. Hi Alex- Very interesting. But I don’t understand what you mean by “concen”- would you please explain that term for us?

  13. “concen” = Conspiracy Central

  14. Yeah its Conspiracy Central. = FORUM = TRACKER

  15. Why dont you ask David Icke about his opinion? They use him as a ‘referee’, [no pun], but he should have seen the video or ‘evidence’ to support his recommendation? Hope this helps… Best wishes.

  16. I feel REAL truth seeker is a prof debunker. His post stinks of debunk-logic. I just think all of his 8 points are weakly stated and designed to place doubt in peoples minds. Just my opinion… and of course thats exactly what should be expected. Satanism is real, the satanists depend on secrecy..l if this stuff is true then… it just wouldnt surprise me if it was. However the main point I must agree with is this…. money !
    Why not put it on or youtube? the ONLY reason would be to make some money, recupe some lost profits from no deal with fox? It seems reasonable that they may wish to get some cash back on their 2 years worth of investigation, I mean who pays for this time and effort? But it may also be that there are plently of ‘good guys’ willing to donate funds to make it happen… hard to say? But if it was me and my mate was missing for 2 years and possibly never to be seen again then I think I would be posting it on… wouldnt you? This is feel is the weakest part of the story. Perhaps there is pressure to make some cash before releasing it for free? If this is really for real then why not release it NOW on (hint hint to producers)

  17. I guess we shall know soon enough, if none of the dvds make it to their destination then we really have something… but then we have nothing.. if u know what i mean, i hope these DVDs do make it to the web one way or annother…

  18. Wow. Today I finally received the DVD–I thought Sep 31 would never come! It is absolute garbage. I guess I’m one of the suckers who fell for the hype. But I had so many laughs. The horrible acting , if it can be called that, was pathetic. Everything about this production was so cheesy and fake that I’m kicking myself for not going with my gut instinct not to buy it. I guess they get the last laugh on those of us who paid for this crap.

    Warning: don’t pay for this, don’t waste valuable time to watch it even for free, but if you must see it, wait for one of those days when you have nothing better to do—like Sept 31.

  19. I have yet to see the movie, but I will probably watch tomorrow. As a very passionate 9/11 truth activist, researcher in the population control and reduction agenda, etc. I feel that I deserve an apology from a couple people who called me a disinfo agent with no basis and only fueled by paranoia.

    When did it become a crime to question things from a logical point of view? The owner of this blog did this, and he wasn’t called disinfo. What is the difference between the two of us? The difference is that you know he believes in reptoids and I need a lot more hard evidence to believe in it. I’ve come to my conclusions on 9/11, population control, and media control due to piles upon piles of evidence. I need that same amount to come to any conclusion about Satanic shapeshifting reptiles from dimension X. Of course, as an atheist, you may think I’m one of the Satanists. Whatever.

    I question and study everything, and it keeps me from looking like a complete ass in the longrun. If this movie is as ridiculous as Bum Actor says it is, David Icke is going to lose a ton of face. It’s a shame that he didn’t study up on these guys like the webmaster and I did, because he’s anything but a stupid man. If he’s guilty of anything, it’s easily trusting people who claim to be interested in his story, only to use him for their own selfish reasons.

    Disinfo agents have better things to do than to spend their time trying to sway the opinions of people already deep enough down the rabbit hole to humor the reptilian agenda theory.

  20. Watched it. Pure crap. It’s a big joke at the expense of those who seek truth, but can’t filter out the disinfo. Why these people put so much effort into some things(fire damaged apartment, photoshop, etc.) and so little on others(“Warmonger” footage, bad actors, etc.) is beyond me. These guys should all be ashamed of themselves, and I hope someone sues them for defamation. If not Dick Cheney, then perhaps Mr. Icke.

  21. Well,
    I haven’t seen it yet. I’m out of town, so it could be in my mail box as we speak -but do keep in mind this isn’t really a movie, persay. Apparently most of the film’s content is filmed by a friend who was simply helping Brandon Corey look for Jude. Brandon isn’t an actor. He’s just a guy who tried to find out what happened to his friend. It’s not fair to judge it under the same conditions as a film with hired actors and a huge budget. The parts filled in by TruthSeekerTV, is not the bulk of the documentary.

  22. 100% hoax. Confirmed by myself. I knew that the so called Dr. Richard Weyman looked familiar after a ConCen poster pointed him out. He’s from this mid 90s computer game called Spycraft The Great Game. His real name is Kirk B.R. Woller, and he’s an actor. His connection to this show is that he had a part in X Files. Here’s his IMDB profile.

    Pass it around and blacklist these guys from ever trying to deceive us with fake documentaries in the future.

  23. hi real truth seeker, you want an apology, and i was going to give it.. until i read all your post…
    “If this movie is as ridiculous as Bum Actor says it is, David Icke is going to lose a ton of face. ”
    Why will David lose face, David said himself that he had no idea if this guy was for real, David wasnt stupid enough to buy into it at all, but he did have a chance to put his two cents in about the NWO and satanism.
    You should check this link out, its rather interesting.. I was always dubious about NESARA, and now i see why..

    Also check out the rest of his stuff.. he is confirmed a fomer M16 and he does have credibility..

    I was once athiest, most of my teens and early 20s, these days im definately not, I belong to no religion or order, my beliefs fit kind of into gnostic christianity.. my research has lead me to KNOW that satanism, black majic and so on is a real phenomenon and Cheney is certainly one evil bastard…
    As for reptiles, its been a 5 year battle of my mind to come to terms with it, I now are at the state where their hypnotism doenst work so well on me anymore… ive seen past the veil a few times now, ive seen the eyes change in people… its fuckn spooky when u see it!!!!!!!!!
    I have to admit its a real phenomenom, plus its in our face.. the V tv series for example..
    Have u guys read the origonal short story that inspired “they live”?
    Its called “Eight O’Clock in the Morning” by Ray Nelson… heres the link:

    Whats spooky about the origonal short story is that in the origonal the aliens are green scaly reptiles with yellow eyes! just as many witnesses have described and we see on credo mutwas painting…
    I wonder why John Carpenter decided to change it from reptile to strange skeleton like human…
    perhaps it was because V had already been made? or perhaps he didnt want to be too obvious? who knows bloody interesting tho !

  24. You dont fool me REAL ts. Your whole approach and attack is exactly done so as to put the most doubt possible in ohters minds before even trying to see it and encourage others to not even watch it, also you refer to cheney like hes a normal guy who might sue for defamation. I suggest you read “tranceformation of america” and really get REAL !! come on your name and your modus operandi are a dead giveaway man, try been a bit more subtle next time 😛

  25. I thought the trailer seemed interesting so I put it up on my site. I did order the dvd, which I got today, after about a month. Honestly I don’t think it’s as real as they say. I make amateurish type of vids and movies and this one seems a little too professional for what they are claiming it to be. I would like to speak with any of the individuals involved, but they never answered my request for an interview. The male voice in the narration sounded so familiar, I am wondering if this is what the REAL Truth seeker is referring to….an actor with voice over talents, etc. Too bad. But, I guess real or fake it is making people think about the things they are speaking of, and I guess that’s a good thing…..because, I personally am all set with being part of a race allowing itself to be ruled by reptiles, if that is what’s happening. Who knows?

  26. Like a sucker, I almost bought this out of curiosity but since reading the above critiques, I won’t bother. Thanks, you saved me $25. I watched the trailer, it’s like the X Files meets reality TV with “Commander X” narrating! Alleged shape-shifting would be easy to digitally fake on film. Icke’s only ‘evidence’ that alien reptiles exist is legends of serpents and dragons. Maybe these mythical dragons are simply extinct dinosaurs, not neccessarily ET’s and the serpents of mythology are a metaphor for cosmic etheric energy, aka Kundalini, nothing more. Although I believe in UFO’s, there is an alien deception plan being hyped by Hollywood and this DVD looks like more of it.

  27. im confused dudeulartv, u say that your “all set with being part of a race allowing itself to be ruled by reptiles”…
    Please eludicate… Do u mean your ok with the whole reptile ruling deal if its true? i mean what r u getting at exactly…. i mean theres much to this story…
    there appears to be a lot of reptilian info on the net… either its because there is good eyewitness proof of reptilian entities appearing and interacting with people… OR… there is a huge disinfo campain to convince people that these entities exist for other purposes.
    I partly disregard the disinfo theory because of the huge amount of reptilian references and symbology and mythology, and history of reptilian influences and creatures in all parts of the world… these gods that came down from the sky and breed/interacted/taught culture/metalurgy etc to the people… these kinds of storys are everywhere and often involve what appear to be genetically bred creatures… lets not forget this planet is billions of years old there is evedence of advanced civilizations in the past.. the nagas in china/tibet (reptilian/serpent superhumans), the gods of egypt with snake/bird-like heads ruling over the masses rocket ships depicted with these in hyroglyphics in the temples… plus my personal experineces also convince me at the least that some reptilain/human hybrids have existed in the past and likely still do through the right bloodlines… did u know if u inject certain geese dna into a duck the duck in a week or two will start to look like a geese… this is just one minor example of introducing physical changes in a target organism via injection of new dna using a virus vector, …think about this..vaccinations are a method by which the human race can be “fine-tuned” by introducting new altered code ino our existing dna blueprint and bingo… pretty soon weve got a whole knew host of cancers and syndromes and sensitivities, all deliberately introduced by our controllers to make money off us..thats right but not only that… with the mapping of the hman genome and military tech over a 100years in advance of ‘modern’ science vaccines can be used to introduce specific changes in the target orgainsims dna (ie:us) for filtering of consiousness and manipulating our bioenergetic field, there is no junk dna, and u can bet these guys no what to do with all our dna keep us in a state of listlessness and anxiety and any number of subtle alterations in our vehicles (our body) operating system, if we think of the human body as a computer and the dna as the main progam or operating system with all its sub-programs for everything from how perception is deciphered in the brain to how we walk and talk, all of these things can be manipulated, what if vaccines were a way for some group to regularily update our operating system according to their needs, upgrade certain abilities, downgrade other abilities, what if all these new bizzare conditions people appear to be getting are aprtly due to vaccine induced viruses that screw up our opoerating sytem and make it crash in parts causing cancers and other conditions… how about this also.. what if reptilian dna was been introduced into us gradularity also over time to make us more and more like them? perhaps only certian aspects of their personality? perhaps they keep the best dna for themselves, the higher brain functioning, and they give us their coldness, their impatience/argumentative/manipulative/fearfull dna…i feel they have breed themselves into a evolutionary dead end as its hard for them to feel how we feel… in fact we are superior to them in some ways and that annoys them i think… we have an edge, and that edge is partly imagination and the ability to create… we have within us the ability to change everything, it is the biggest secret kept from us all, they can use technologies to mess with things, we can just use our ….. mind ..what ever it is..spiritual power/mana, but these abilites are switched off in our dna, actually they are still there but its like with an operating system when it gets corrupted and it loses all its file associations, so that things wont boot up properly, thats whats happened with our dna, we need to learn how to reconnect those links, its partly happeneing as a consequence of the wave comming through our solar system…

  28. Hello everyone. I am the one one who posted about the actor being in this movie on ConCen. I am definitely not a debunker as you can check my posts on there for yourself. I was in no way implying that the possibilty of reptillians doesn’t exist. I am just pointing out the fact that this company marketed this as “truth” and “reality tv” when it’s blatantly obvious they used actors. None of the experts or the marine officer have been verified as even existing. There is stuff on there that if true could be verified. I challenge anybody who has seen this to verify the existence of any of these people (besides I have searched all over the internet with no luck. If anyone finds something verifiable, by all means post it here or at the forum. I wish this story were true, but if it’s not then truthseeker is doing a great disservice to anyone researching this type of information.

  29. Nevermind, case solved. Brandon Corey is Jimi Petulla:

    I rest my case…..

  30. V, just because someone is smarter than you, doesn’t mean they’re professional government disinfo agents. Give me a break. You’re completely insane. All of my points have been proven. Does it hurt you that much to admit defeat? You’re no different than Bush and Cheney.

    Does this man look familiar to you? Just face it. I was right, and you were wrong. You’d probably be right more often if you had any critical thinking skills. Noooo, there’s no way I could ever be right. 23 year old guys who don’t believe in shape-shifting reptiles are all disinfo agents hired by the government. I wish, buddy. Maybe then I’d have more extra money to spend on stupid things like a PS3 or custom Telecaster.

    Go outside, get some fresh air, and stop being paranoid. The entire world isn’t out to get you. It’s egotistical of you to think anyone gives two shits about what you think. Now, out of respect for the owner of this blog, I’m out of here.

  31. haha REAL listen to yourself… “Does it hurt you that much to admit defeat? You’re no different than Bush and Cheney.” etc,
    defeat? for what, this isnt a contest here, this isnt a compeditive situtation or ego battle.. or is that the way you see it? i dont see it that way… sure this dvd may turn out to be fake, like i already said that doesnt discredit or disprove anything, it just means someone has taken a popular conspiracy and tried to make some $$ out of it… my points, thoughts, feelings are still valid and the reptiltian thing is not discounted as u seem to think it is, or are u just more interested in some kind of compeditive satisfaction… very reptilian characteristics i might add, ego is a part of our dna that didnt used to be predominant until it was breed into us…
    did i say the entire world was out to get me? geez your personality type is just so generic and predicable, your accusational and manipulative manner and so much anger… hey like i said myself i dunno if any of this is real but like i said what i do know is what i know and regardless of my age or who i am i will continue to offer thoughts and feelings and info on discussion boards like this, and if i think someone might be disinfo then i will say so, of course it could be wrong, a hunch but hey we are all different and we all bring our own input… part of my ‘thing’ is observing manipulation and disinfo… do u know about OPs? (orgainc portals), might pay to look it up, you say your a researcher but as u say your atheist, your missing a cruicial element to understanding the big picture from my perspective… but dont expect me to work within your narrow framework of where your prepared to go with this info.. sometimes u do need more than cold hard facts and scientific enquiry to get to the truth.. dont expect me or anyone else here to be like u ! and like i said before i dont fall for your emotive manipulations…
    Ive downloaded it and watched about half of it… im still keeping an open mind on it, due to the fact that much of the info is known from other sources (tranceformation of america for example)..
    Just like “alternative 3” there is truth wrapped up with assumptions and other things…
    If the idea is to foll people into thinking all reptilian info is disinfo then it wont work.. in my experience pysops like that always backfire and end up waking more people up…
    Hey REAL, i dont care if anyone gives too shits what i think, but its obviously bruised your ego that i should continue on giving my opinions regardless of your assumptions on the subject if reptilians..
    For starters I know that OPs exist and i know they are manipulated into saying things just like you do..!
    Destructive manipulating beings exists REAL ! just what form they appear in is up for speculation, but reptiles seem to be part of the whole equation… just my opinion… dont get so upset, there is no need for ego even if someone does call u a disinfo agent, its a good opportunity for you to learn about controlling your ego ! 🙂

  32. I should add here that a disinfo agent can be anyone who is unaware of mind manipulation, this is u dont need to be hired by someone to be a disinfo agent… organic portal is all im saying on the subject, it takes much research and carefull consideration to come to grips withe the whole OP thing and how ordinary humans can be unwitting agents of the sytem/matrix/lucifer web.. whatever u want to call it… thats all good luck to you all.. 😛

  33. the fact REAL that u appear to be using this DVD as an way of discrediting certain conspiracies only shows your true adgenda… take cheney for example.. you only have to watch the guy, listen to what he says and is on the public record and u can pick up that hes a cunning manipulative cold person.. also confirmed he was on the membership list of the 2005 bohemian groove gathering where mock (and some say real) human sacrifices did take place, they were videod secretly, they have a 70foot stone owl called molek that they worship, yet bush and others claim to be christians, come on join the dots… bohemian grove, owl worship, sacrifice ritual, cremation of care ceremony caught on camera, skull and bones, lying about WMDs, false flag operations like 911 to goto war, he is a warmounger anyway… its obvious these guys are far from nice people, at BEST they are (the neo-cons) white collor criminals operating a global cabal of drug running and murder… at worst… shapeshifting reptiliansand compliant humans working with them, remnants of a greater past still trying to hold onto power covertly via manipulation and fear… while the human race wakes up and they try and lock us down, its a race against time, can we all wake up before they create the global lockdown microchipped population… if u dont think its happening look about you, cashless society, wars, fear mongering in the media, scare campains, u name it… every trick in the book to get us to give up our freedoms and our will, it is a spiritual battle thats why we have to willingly give over our hearts and souls, that why there is so much obsession with death and disease on tv, all the lowest forms of entertainment and corruption, glamorisation of the lowest forms of existance… REALISE !!! they live WHILE WE SLEEP..

  34. i just read this so thought id share it: its kinda on topic… not all “aliens” are bad by the way… were all a bit of a mix of alien races anyway

    What will a man do to avoid being laughed at? What means must he contrive to avoid that, apparently, unbearable perception of being the butt of someone’s, even ignorant, joke? What chances will he take, then, to be wrong, or, even more damnable — too right? From where will his courage, then, come?
    Worse, what is to be said about a man who realizes an obvious threat to his corrupt and selfish world view, and obstructs its instrument of justified destruction — sits on the evidence, or destroys it outright?
    Let’s say it was you that came upon a bit of evidence providing that first inimitable push into a startling new world view? Bigger than the genetics of Mendel, or the implications of Darwin, the startling evidence is held in your trembling hand! What do you do with it? Do you stuff it in a drawer amongst your personal possessions — just to have it found at the conclusion of your unremarkable life, final proof of your unbravery? Do you destroy it (?), and live with your nagging conscience for the remainder of a pathetically indifferent and challengeless existence? Or do you offer the other hand, and let it begin your righteous reach for real truth … a more challenging, vigorous, and ACTIVE investigation into the more complicated, but more vitally satisfying and inclusive world?
    How many bits of information, like the following, are hidden away in dusty drawers and shadowy vaults at the arbitrary whim of the coward or sociopath? What dazzling documentations, momentous mechanisms, or inspiring ideas lie smothered in a conscious attempt to protect the conservative’s conveniently pernicious and predatory, but wholly imaginary position? When will we learn to laugh at the laughter we should be laughing at — that laughter that comes from the one with substantially less courage than the one providing the alleged amusement. The seeker — the one willing to run that gamut of wounding negativists to touch the truth on its shining face.

    Somebody knows.”


  35. Ive watched the whole thing.. its very entertaining and interesting, as for its truthfullness, well it has many truths mixed in it like bohemian groove, tranceformation of america, secret service activities, underground tunnels and bases.. either it could be a cleaver scam to discredit icke or theres some thing to it.. because this is no small budget DVD, to fake all of this would have cost a few hundred thousand id imagine and a number of actors and people willing to lie on camera and take people like icke for a ride knowing full well that they may be up for litigation if the scam is discovered. If u watch this closely u can see that if its faked it would have cost a packet and a lot of time and effort to design and organise.. and all this to make a few limited sales on the net? now its on torrent i cant imagine many people will be buying it… the jury is out for me, its given me a lot to think about..thats for sure..its very interesting… and if its a scam the guys who made it have got some serious balls! because of the allegations they make about cheney etc and for bringing such sensitive info public… info related to aliens is always been a sensitive topic for the govt… im in two minds however about the dvd… chris carter as co producer.. i used to think xfiles was like a cunning way to make people think black ops and aliens were all just tv fantasy, and that the effect was instead that it made people focus on aliens and weirdness… so is chris carter trying to make us interested in this stuff cause its true or cause he wants us to belive its true? or cause he wants us to believe its fantasy? hhhmmmmm

  36. This video was a complete transparent joke throughout.

    I don’t imagine this was any accident either, and appears to purposefully dis inform real truthseekers.

    We’ve established that Brandon Corey isn’t Brandon Corey and he isn’t the only actor to be used. The so called professor at the occult centre in colorado is also an actor, appearing in many well known films and shows including the x files, as has been shown accross the internet.

    Truthseeker TV, what you have done is an assault against people who are searching for the truth, passing a very duff and badly acted movie as the real thing.

    Do you think conspiracy theorists are dumb and will accept anything? On the contary, we try to look a little further past the bull in the world, which is why we saw the bull imediately.

    Shame on you.


  37. what we have to ask ourself is if its fake then why? money? disinfo? or a desire by someone possibly linked to chris carter to make us believe in all this? was x-files a way to confuse fact with fiction? is this annother attempt to confuse fact with fiction (ie:bohemian groove with a spoof including actors)… a cheap shot to make some money? this would have cost a bit to make, how many DVDS could be sold anyway really? would it even be worth it? hasnt xfiles made millions for chris carter already, this would be a drop in the bucket surely? so why do it? these quesions should be considered..also consider this.. is the whole reptilian thing a big scam? if so it would require a HUGE amount of disinfo.. a lot of people involved from all over the world feeding carefully constructed lies to the right people like icke, mark phillips, and at least 30 other main researchers, ‘tapestry’ would have to have been woven over the last 15 years to bring us to today… so either its one big huge scam to make us all believe in reptilian aliens or its real (reptiles) and this is just a red herring.. i go with the latter ..this story isnt over by any degree… if anything it will encourage others to get the real deal !

  38. also tons of channelled information about reptilians would have to be faked too, cassiopaea, bringers of the dawn, ra material, then theres all the 1000s of abduction reports involving reptiles comming in from all over the world from hundreds of different researchers, hypnotists, therapists, then of course all the 1000s of years worth of mythology and reptilian references in history from eyjpt to china to africa…
    my point is that reptilians are a scam then its a long standing very intricate scam potentially involving many generations of people and groups from all over the planet… i just dont see that it could all be faked quite frankly… if this corey story is confirmed a fake then its purpose will backfire altimately to some degree as these things always do..

  39. Chris Carter has ties to the CIA. Dean Haglund said that in a recent interview. He said Carter had regular meetings with guys from the CIA, and the explanation was that they were picking his brain for possible terrorist attack scenarios, stuff like that. Unless of course his story is all about the dog wagging the tail that’s wagging the dog!

  40. I read that some of the guys on X-files were really CIA agents acting like actors.
    I think that there are so many people trying to shoot ithis film down, that it feels like, well -why are they so damn busy working so hard at tearing down this documentary?

    CoIntelPro in action?

  41. So David Icke has confirmed on his headlines page that this is just a “movie” designed to draw attention to the rep adgenda.. i think it does what it sets out to do… all points remain valid… in hindsight we should have noticed that it says “movie” all over the website, not documentary… HOWEVER, they are still sticking to the story that their offices were searched and parts of the movie stolen… there is much to this story, like in “alternative 3” a spoof doco has accidentaly (or on purpose!) gotten too close to the truth and attracted attention to have it shut down.. simply because ‘they’ dont want people to join the dots.. im glad this was released, i think as David says it will attract people that may not have ordinarily checked out this kind of material.. it will put the meme into their heads.. its a seed thats been planted to encourage others to get to the truth about things like bohemian groove, mind control victims and the NWO adgenda…
    Good stuff !!

  42. This movie was a little on the stupid side… The part where he supposedly hid the camera in his jacket and it was always focused on the actor speaking ,,all the while the jacket never moved..and the eyes..the pupils turn vertical..Hilarious..(they were gills in MIB)..I’d watch more of them though..for comedy purposes..kinda like south park.

  43. Hi everyone,
    I thought the movie was entertaining and interesting although it was fake.
    doesn’t matter if you believe reptilians exist or not, the movie was actually a lot of fun..

    so what i’m trying to say is, don’t take everything so seriously, just enjoy life from time to time.

  44. At David web site this movie it is posted as fictional – not documentary.

  45. lets not forget that the origonal short story that “They Live” movie was based on was called “eight oclock in the morning” by Ray Nelson and in his origonal story the bad guys were green reptilians with yellow cat eyes!
    Just a coincidence? i think not!!!!
    You can google that and read the short story yourself!

  46. What about this:
    Maybe this was a reeeaaally clever way of discrediting David Icke to the David Icke believers, because they know the power of ONE person is strong enough to open many peoples minds, and so they attack David Icke believers spesifically and avoid marketing it in mainstream media and showing it on cinema or whatever, and what a perfect “excuse” that they got a decline from television networks. It hard to explain exacly what I mean here, because I find it confusing and hazy.
    Basically I think that maybe Truthsekkertv is dodgy based on what this blog creater is saying. Maybe they want David Icke believers to become confused and go back into the rabbit hole so that we won’t act spontanious, which is an expression of Infinite Love in this reality, and to still be full of fear and (which) let ourselves be controlled. They want us to stop believing in David Icke.. And it’s almost working on me, I was so disappointed that David Icke would participate in a documentary posing to be a true documentary when it is so clearly a FAKE. I thought he would NEVER have anything to do with ANYTHING that is FICTION… this is all so confusing… What does David Icke mean about all of this NOW? That’s what I want to know? The advertisement on the film is still on David Ickes website, what does it all mean? He speaks of always following information and that that’s the only way he works. I don’t think he would participate in a film that was PURE fiction on the basis of getting some more people to focus on this subject. These is something really wrong here, I can feel it in every bone in my body. What the fuck is going on?
    And what is this legal case against David? I can’t find any news on it anywhere…. Please tell me if you guys have any news.
    I think the only way we can help David Icke right now is to come out with our thruths and not be afraid to speak about it, to “continue” his work sort to speak, because he’s being ruined in the eyes of the masses and might not be able to continue much longer..

  47. Yes ,it is a clever way of discrediting David Icke

  48. I attended a seminar David Icke gave in Tyler, TX on April 12, 2003 about the attacks of September 11, sponsored by the Republic of Texas. I believe it was the first time David had spoken in the U.S. about the (obvious) fact that 9/11 was an inside job, but at that time, -very few- people spoke ill of W, his administration or the US government in general. His analysis of the attacks that day coincided with my own research, and his book Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Distaster is encyclopedic on this issue.
    At the beginning of this all-day seminar, a camera crew was setting up. We were told the speech was being filmed, to be released later as a documentary. This was no guy with a tripod though, it was a very professional crew who knew what they were doing. I, for one, was thrilled David’s seminar would be filmed; he’s an incredible speaker.
    The camera crew passed out flyers, saying the show would be available through them at some point in the near future. It listed the website I’ve kept checking this website over the years (which is a sister site of ever since that seminar, waiting for them to release something. There has never been ANY content, on their site or elsewhere, other than their “episodes” and a description of how their office got broken into, etc.
    The Brandon Corey Story is the first thing they’ve released. I first heard of it through David Icke’s newsletter and promptly sent off payment. I assumed (wrongly) that this DVD was real footage, a la Dark Secrets Inside the Bohemian Grove by Alex Jones. Instead, it’s a made-to-look-real documentary. Friends, save your $25 and watch this movie free online.
    My concern is: **what happened to the footage of David Icke’s 8 hour seminar on 9/11 that took place in Tyler, TX in April 2003?** Does David have it? Does he even have access to it? I was told once that it was lost in the burglary of their office. If Jimi Petulla and Brian Kraft, the two behind want to put out FICTION like The Brandon Corey Story and sell it to suckers like me, that’s one thing. But many truth seekers across the globe and universe would like to see or show others David’s speech from that day in April ’03. Obviously, Truth Seeker TV’s officers were never broken into, they should still have the footage. There were several cameras. Where is it, honestly guys?
    September 11th is more important to me – strike that – The murder of innocent human beings is more important to me than the reptilians who would/do control our planet. I am going to hound these guys until I find out about the video of David’s seminar.

    I’d like to also say that The Brandon Corey Story isn’t terrible, but SHAME on Truth Seeker TV for passing it off as something real. It does a great disservice to people who might be researching this information for the first time.

  49. I just one thing to add…I can be certain that at least one of these so called interviewees is an actor…Dr. Richard Weyman PhD is Kirk B. R. Woller from the X Files. This is way too funny…The whole film was really bad too. I had a good laugh. Thanks to the people who made this film for all your hard work.

  50. wrestling torrents

    Interesting post. I came across this blog by accident, but it was a good accident. I have now bookmarked your blog for future use. Best wishes. Wwe Divas Blog.


    What I mean is I am NOT ok with being ruled by reptiles. ALL SET. Anyway, I have followed David Ickes work for quite some time now. This movie was made for whatever reason the people had for making it. Not sure why and can’t speculate as to anyone’s thought processes. I wrote and called to speak with someone, and they said they’d call in a week, but never did. Quite typical really. That pisses me off.

    What it basically boils down to is there is something wrong with the world as we know it. You can say it’s one thing, David Icke can say something else, I can think what I want, and some people want to ignore it because they feel better that way.

    There is definitely something, and nobody can seem to pinpoint and or prove the facts that people would need to actually cause a mass awakening. People look for things, people will come out and speak and then are ridiculed and sometimes even gotten rid of. ….disappeared from the face of the earth.

    People dismiss and ignore what is too difficult and painful to comprehend. People run from things they don’t understand, or they just kill what they don’t understand.

    Personally I have NO PROOF of anything other than what I have to say, and what’s happened to me. I have had experiences with different types of things that are non explainable.

    I don’t always believe what I hear, read or even what I see.

    But we do know the reptillian brain functions differently, and most serial killers and such have more brain activity as reptillian. Study that and you will find this is true.

    My question to you V is have you ever come across such a thing as a non human type personally? And why are you so on the defensive here?

    I think David should continue his work, I think others in alternative news and finding the real truth should definitely continue on. I don’t know if it’s David, Joe Shmo, or Ron Jeremy.

    All I know is that when people who are supposed to be for the “truth” and the “average person” finding out what’s really happening in the world are asked for interviews and information, they can’t seem to pick up the phone and press the buttons and call us back. That goes for Michael Moore too…

  52. to ME who points out how confusing the appearance of David Icke is in this video etc. Just something to think about:
    “Reptillians and other Negatives have a very successful way of dealing with us , they are masters at it .
    First , they will allow any positive movement ( like Castaneda movement ) or government ( like in the case of all world governments ) to build up to attract more ENERGY of naive , positevly – thinking people . Then Negatives kill the leader or drug him or exchange the soul of the leader for a negative soul ( that happened to Castaneda ) . Then , usually, if the leader is eliminated , they would insert one of their own people . And the supporters of the movement would become confused with the actions of their ” leader “. The actions would be exactly opposite to what they were before ( like in the case of Cleargreen ) . But many would never see the difference !
    And that is happenning to all ” well – meaning ” organizations for thousands of years .”
    I recieved this some time ago in an email about the Matrix5 book. So everybody: just stay alert and if you REALLY want to know somebody to ALWAYS trust in, trust your higher self and your feelings!

  53. HAHA!!!

    I can’t believe what I’ve read here!! If you guys believe this, you deserve to be controlled. Christ, my 5 year old could control you (no shit). I’m not saying that there aren’t bad people in power, but they sure don’t have the power you’re imagining.

    Here are a few tios to give you a jump start:
    1. hypnosis is not real. (unless you’re talking about social programming as in “drinking+driving=bad”)
    2. xray glasses are not real.
    3. talking lizards are not real.
    4. aliens are not real.
    5. god is not real.
    and finally
    6. we are an aboration. A fluke. A lucky strike. This is what makes intelligent life [sic] so precious. The universe is ours alone. All we need to do is to get past the speed of light and muck around successfully with time and space.

  54. The video is available on google videos. Just go to and search for “Brandon Corey”. The video if true, is really scary.

  55. Hello there,

    I am against the idea of informing ordinary people about what´s going on in all of this. I tried for 20 years with no support or success, and am now working on my own. I am forced to deliberately withold any information I receive on these matters from members of my family because they requested for it. They have tried every attempt since then to silence me on the issue of speaking out about this in Iceland. This truth is not for humanity as such, but for those among us who are already aware of what´s going on. I am the only UFO believer in my university who speaks out openly about what´s going on, and am unafraid to do so. Because of that I am treated as a lunatic case, not by the university people but by members of my family. I want you to know, that if you want to be taken seriously, then you have to have your own country, your own state, your own nation. Either your country rises from the sea or it´s Antartica, or you are forced to organize it from within one of the floating rafts we call mainlands. We in the UFO community and community of those who know that conspiracies aren´t theories, and that reptilians and related facts are real, we are one nation. We are one people. If our mother language becomes ancient Sumerian, then no one will understand us when we talk and be able to ridicule us, because we will all be talking to eac hother. We need our own state, our own society, our own language (ancient Sumerian). And we can get that with the camera, which becomes subject to an undeniable balance of terror in the Brandon Cory story between humankind on one hand, and those among the reptilians who are hostile and weak on the other. As long as you continue to speak English about what you believe with those who don´t, no one will notice anything. But people will ask what kind of language you are speaking, when you speak ancient Sumerian.


    viewer of Brandon Cory Story film

  56. have fun learning ancient sumerian and speaking it.

  57. For all of you wondering, Jimi Petulla is the guy in the picture (Brandon Corey). Rent and watch the movie “Reversal”. You’ll see.

  58. gay

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