Robert Anton Wilson Update

You may have noticed the new button in my navbar- if you don’t know what I’m talking about then please click on it (or click on the pic to the immediate left). I’m doing my bit to help support writer-philosopher-bard and pioneer of guerilla ontology- Robert Anton Wilson- in what could possibly be his last days on Earth. This man has given so much to so many people- I can’t even describe it- but I do know this: If I hadn’t read his books I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Speaking of today there’s a recent update at boingboing that includes a note from Bob and another from his daughter Christina. I’m thrilled to report that so far the collective internet fans of RAW have Paypal’d over $68 thousand to Bob, but WE AIN’T STOPPING! Click the button and send the ol’ wizard a few bucks. May I suggest $23?

Sure I’ve bought many of his books (and I highly recommend you do the same, starting with Cosmic Trigger* or Illuminatus!* or Prometheus Rising)- but I bought many of them at USED Book Stores- therefore no money actually went to the author himself! That’s something I just recently realized and I felt guilty about it- so I’m glad to have a chance to make it up to him.

* These are RAW’s own Amazon links. If you purchase the books through these links, Bob gets the commission.


~ by theylive on October 7, 2006.

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