On Conspiracies, Coverups, and Uncollapsed Cats

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“If I keep speaking out like I am, maybe God will give me the life to talk my head off. I will break every law that it takes to talk my head off. Eleven of my best friends in the last 22 years have been murdered. Eight of the murders were called suicides.”

– US Government Engineer and UFO Whistleblower Phil Schneider, who was found dead seven months later with the piano wire still wrapped around his neck

There is a time for silence, and a time to speak. I’ve been incommunicado while researching some strange events over the last several days- and for my unexplained absence I do apologize. I considered it unwise to say anything before I had some more pertinent information- however that void will be filled by this entry and the next few to follow.

As I wrote last week– “modeltesting proceeds both deductively and inductively, projecting its hypotheses both forward and backward.” It’s a two-pronged process and to keep his/her balance the investigator must have the ability to hold in mind multiple possibilities at once. Often, the moment you make a “normal” assumption is the moment you get off track- you’ll end up wasting your time wandering around in circles, or get stuck to someone’s tar-baby. Motion and balance are essential. And for a well-balanced investigation to move forward to a conclusive terminus, its final eigenstate or “wavefunction” must remain uncollapsed as long as possible- Schrödinger’s Cat must remain both alive and dead. Continue reading ‘On Conspiracies, Coverups, and Uncollapsed Cats’


Conspiracy Theory is Not a Thing

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Part One – Modeltesting

I often find myself wanting to disagree with Pop Occulture‘s Tim Boucher, although I am consistently swept along by his reasoning. The general thesis that we live in a technocratic paradigm seems pretty supportable- as are the corollaries which would logically seem to arise from it- resulting in a state of affairs in which “Technocracy exists to manage humans as though they were machines.” I also anjoy reading his essays on the blurry areas between pop culture and occult symbology. He makes some really interesting observations and does a lot of good research. But I guess what bothers me is his take on “conspiracy theory.” I often get the impression that Boucher wishes to retain the ability to distance himself from “it” as though it were an actual thing- like a physical object, or a vocation or a school of thought- to determine whether there’s any point in engaging in it.

I like your work, Tim. But “conspiracy theory” is not a thing. It is not a methodology, or a particular school of thought, or a system of belief. Everybody does it differently. There is no “body” of Conspiracy Theory, and until we’re all connected in a nanotech hivemind, you will never find two “conspiracy theorists” who agree on all the same datapoints. Continue reading ‘Conspiracy Theory is Not a Thing’

We Are Not Alone – An Update

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It’s a hit! “We Are Not Alone – The David Icke Video Mashup” has been viewed 743 times as of this writing (August 17, 2006)*, and that’s only counting the ones that came through my version of the OTM link. To all you webmasters and Icke fans out there who are distributing the video, I give my heartfelt thanks- you are helping this video reach more people than I could by myself- and that means that David’s words are reaching a whole new group of people. It is good to know- indeed- that I Am Not Alone.

More Ways to Get It:

Not that I’ve been slacking off, however! I’m making sure that “We Are Not Alone” is available in a variety of formats for different systems. Here are the latest versions: Continue reading ‘We Are Not Alone – An Update’

A Newer, Older, Satan

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A BiographyProfessor Henry Ansgar Kelly of UCLA- whose books include “The Devil, Demonology, and Witchcraft” (1968) and “The Devil at Baptism” (1985)- has released a new work in which he argues that Satan has been given a bum rap. Still- says Kelly- his original biography can be reconstructed.

“Christians traditionally think of Satan as Lucifer, God’s enemy, who rebelled against Him out of pride and then caused Adam and Eve to sin. But, as Kelly shows, this portrayal is not biblical but a scenario invented by the early Fathers of the Church which became the ‘New Biography of Satan’. The ‘Original Biography’ must be reconstructed from the New Testament where Satan is the same sort of celestial functionary we see in the Book of Job – appointed to govern the world, specifically to monitor and test human beings.”

The difference may seem subtle to most secular folk, but the psychological recasting of the Lucifer character- both in ancient and modern times- is a key component of the history of social control. Just ask the Catholic church or (on the other hand) the Masons. The idea being put forward by Kelly is that the Satan of the New Testament is no different than the Satan of the Old Testament- in other words, he is still working for God, as a tester of Man. If accepted, this idea would shine a new light on what it means to work “for” Satan.

For those interested in researching the Luciferian themes within the Masonic and Illuminati schools, it is therefore of interest and possible significance that this book has arrived at the moment in time that it has. I don’t know if I’ll like what I read or not- but I know I’m buying the book.

Link: Audio Interview with Henry Ansgar Kelly (RealPlayer)

Link: Satan: A Biography at Cambridge Press

Microbes & Mushrooms from Outer Space

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I really enjoyed the explanation for the extraterrestrial origins of human intelligence put forward by the late Terence McKenna, who hypothesized mushrooms from outer space that took root in our brains and changed the whole ball game.

Certain types of spores- the theory goes- are simple enough to survive such a journey. They could have been sent hurtling through space by the devastating explosion of their home world or for any other reason. But whatever the cause… A species of mushroom spores could have then drifted aimlessly through space until landing on the moist, fetid earth of- well- Earth. Once settled in and growing nicely, these spores may have been ingested by simple humanoids living in small tribal societies- mutating their brains into new forms- creating spontaneous shifts in perception and giving rise to such “human” potentials as art, religion, and psychic ability. Continue reading ‘Microbes & Mushrooms from Outer Space’

We Are Not Alone

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We Are Not AloneThis is a David Icke video mashup I made using onetruemedia’s online montage tool. It’s a pretty cool system- I’m looking forward to playing with it some more, because this little clip is just a test run- I’ve got more kewl stuph coming up. But until then- here you go… Continue reading ‘We Are Not Alone’

Down Memory Lane to Area 51

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The approach to Area 51 - photo by Dennis BalthaserLately it seems there has a resurgence of interest in Area 51. This was one of the old-school neighborhoods I grew up in, conspiracy-wise, and it brings back many fond memories. The first time I learned of such things I was mesmerized. From the interviews of Bob Lazar to Bill Cooper and his detailed information on secret government treaties, hidden underground bases, and the alien “O.H. Krlll” who we kept alive for years on a diet consisting partly of strawberry ice cream, to the story of Phil Shneider and his strange ongoing relationship with the secret government running the show in the “underground theater”- these were the incidents I cut my teeth on. In those days of dreadfully slow modems and sans-web I found my information through painstaking research and at the expense of hundreds of hours. Of course, I wouldn’t have traded any of it for the world. Continue reading ‘Down Memory Lane to Area 51’